Help! New Oto has parasite?

  1. BettaOtto

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    Does he have parasite or just normal long stringy poop?


    So I got him a week ago from Petco to add company for another oto. I know they are social fish but just adding one by one slowly. I watched them for a week and half before purchase. The employee first scooped up an oto that's infected and rotten red skin peeling off. So he put that away and got me the second one USING THE SAME NET! So that got me concerned and I set up a one gallon quarantine and do daily or three times a week water change because he gets freaked out and turn completely transparent when I do WC. The second day he had a little bit of cottony white fuzz on his head. The fuzz then went away after a few days. Last night I heard a splash of water and found him completely transparent and stayed still near water surface, NOT gasping for air though. That happened hours after WC. This morning he started having these long stringy poop that's part normal part micro worm like. He doesn't poop as much as my other healthy oto which poops A TON of green chunks. Please identify what's wrong or if normal.
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    Bumping this up for you
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    Thank you!