HELP new Freshwater aquarist in need of HELP

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    Ok i just started the fish tank hobby about a month ago, i got a 2.5 gallon tank i sadly didn't know bout cycling [​IMG] i put in a albino cory catfish and a betta, but!!!! the beta kept chasing the cory cat! and he also nipped on his fins a bit [​IMG] so i had to move my beta back to another tank, my cory was alone so i bought him a friend which is a emerald green cory cat and they were VERY happy together[​IMG] and i got 2 male fancy guppies. after a while, i was like " i want to upgrade" so i went and got a 5 gallon tank, did hours and hours of research and new about the nitrogen cycle [​IMG] so i put water in the tank used declorinater and then used fluvial bio enhancer and followed the instructions. Now my dad said Son we need to return the other tank so we can put the other fish in the 5 gallon by the 15th of July, which is monday. its because its a 1 month return policy and i was like NOOO. i put in an old filter sponge thing inside the new filter and put in old plants and gravel, I've been doing lots and lots of test and changing the water and idk if i had a spike of ammonia yet the highest it has gotten was 1-2 and now it is 0 my nitrite is at 0 and my nitrate is around 20-40 and i was like [​IMG] and i need to put the fish in by monday but the tank has only been cycling for about 6 days and my dad said u have to move the fish in quick!! i was like they are going to die! they cycle isn't done yet (i think) so now i am stuck what do i do!! i have 4 fish in trouble !!!!!!
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    Hi Jasperdog, welcome to Fishlore. The quickest solution would be to test daily and do water changes as appropriate to remove any tank contaminants like ammonia and nitrite. Lastly, i'd be concerned with mixing the betta again with your other fish.
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    J-Dog... Don't sweat it too much.
    I agree with above - get some Prime ( it will assist you with ammonia) and just be ready to do water changes when needed as per your tests. You, your Dad and fish will all be fine

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