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    I'm looking after some fish and I'm quite concerned about two of them. Theyre in a 22L tank and theres 1 flying fox, 1 gold algae eater, 1 bristle nose pleco, and 3 chain loaches. Temp approx 24 deg, 10.8 dGH, 2.2dKH, 6.5pH, 0 nitrite and 80 nitrate. When I got the tank it hadn't been cleaned or had any water changes in a while and I'm not sure when they were even last fed. The flying fox is not eating and not swimming around very much either he also twitches or spasms. He has a white patch on his tail and seems to be forming another by his head and appears to be forming yet another by his tail. The algae eater seems to be discoloring also. Help is much needed, I'm not too familiar with fish and any guidance would be greatly appreciated!! 11063761_397680573754105_3939094268400248745_n.jpg10525997_397680790420750_978449037251520164_n.jpg11745586_397680607087435_1618370740768910516_n.jpg
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    So that's about a 5 gallon tank... And is very overstocked. Can you do a water change with treated water? High nitrates are very unsafe for fish and will kill them. The Flying Fox looks like it also might have a fungus infection.
    I don't know too much about fungus and other diseases, so hopefully someone else will chime in.
  3. oOBlueOoWell Known MemberMember

    Is there anyway you can put them in something bigger? That is way way waaaaaay overstocked. Those fish need to be in more like 55 gallons.

    What is the ammonia value?
  4. BornThisWayBettasFishlore VIPMember

    Welcome to Fish Lore!!! Wow, you were right to be concerned about them, good for you!

    First off, I agree, the tank is way overstocked.

    Secondly, it does look like the Flying Fox has a fungal infection.

    Third, what are the ammonia levels in the tank and what test kit are you using?
  5. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    Agree with above posters. You'll need to do some big back to back water changes. Normally you want to keep nitrates below 20-40 ppm. Only way to do this is regular water changes.

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