Help Needed On Curing Betta Fin Rot

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Myra Solis, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Myra SolisNew MemberMember

    My betta Vincent developed fin rot a few days ago. I was so alarmed and YouTubed videos on how to cure fin rot and found a guy who has a betta recovering from the disease.
    I did a 100% water change, treating it with Stress Coat and Jungle Aquarium Salt. His tank is a 3 gallon so I added the needed amount. Today is day 2 of his treatment and I did a 25% water change with the appropriate amount of salt needed for 25%. The water quality is in good shape and the pH is 6.8. Nitrates and Ammonia are low as well. I’m also keeping him on frozen bloodworms in hopes it’ll help him recover quicker.
    Am I doing enough to help him get cured? I read some people use Bettafix and Melafix to help boost their betta’s immune system but I don’t want to do too much and end up hurting him.

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  2. Myra SolisNew MemberMember

    His dorsal fin is the only severely affected part and I noticed he has trouble swimming. I placed him in a cup that is half in the tank so he doesn’t have to swim as much.

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  3. motherofbettasValued MemberMember

    Clean water is the best remedy for fin rot; I wouldn't worry too much abut adding medication yet.
    For his swimming issues, is he struggling to swim down?? He could have swim bladder disorder, the remedy of which is to fast for a day or so and then feed a cooked, deshelled pea. You can help him stay near the surface by adding a tall plant so he can rest on the leaves!
    Is your tank cycled? Or in the process of cycling? I know you said that the params were low, but could you give them to us? Someone else may catch something!
    Also I should add it's never recommended to do a 100% water change!
    Hope he gets better soon!
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  4. Chellebelle127New MemberMember

    agree w the above, a 100% water change will majorly stress him out, so try not to do that again, 25-50% is more than enough. Fin rot is heartbreaking, but its also sometimes confused with fin biting, which is a sign of a stressed fish as well. Give him something to lay on that's close to the surface, and he should recover with the use of BettaFix or something similar.
  5. Myra SolisNew MemberMember

    This is him right now. What was a hole in his dorsal fin is now a chunk of tail hanging on by a thread. I’m so upset and am not sure what to do, he looks awful. Could this be tail bitting instead of fin rot? I’m sure he got pretty stressed out with the 100% water change.

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  6. Myra SolisNew MemberMember

    It doesn’t seem like he has troubling swimming down. I’m not sure if my tank is cycled yet, I’m still in the process of learning about that. I checked the parameters this morning but will check again and post them.
    I’m so worried about him because his dorsal fin is looking worse than it was this morning. I added an Indian Almond Leaf which he’s laying on currently so hopefully he’ll feel better soon.
  7. Myra SolisNew MemberMember

    The pH is 6.7-6.8. Nitrites are at 0 ppm. Nitrates at 0 ppm. Ammonia is at 0 ppm.