Help Needed on clean up crew much appreciated if u do!! Question

  1. Harrison Member Member

    Right its recently been my birthday and im investing in the marine hobby! i've kept FW and tropical before so have experience in keeping fish and was just wondering what is the best possible clean up crew to have to assist in tank and fish cleaning.
    My aquarium is most proberly going to be
    160 litre glass aquarium W100 x D40 x H40cm.
    Lighting canopy and bottom frame.
    2 x GLO fluorescent bulbs.
    Marina Power filter with 3 stage filtration.
    Digital thermometer.
    Nutrafin Care Pack.

    Thats the kit im getting ino im going to need afew extras to convert it into a marine aquarium. Im also thinking of getting LED lighting as in the future i would also like to house anemones

    Any help would be much appreciated, H
  2. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

  3. Harrison Member Member

    yeah i was thinking of some crabs and shrimp what the benefits of them?
  4. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    Blue or red legged hermit crabs, Astrea or turbo snails, as for nassarius snails these snails do not eat detritus the will keep the sand bed moving some what these snails are meat eating types and must be feed just as the fish or they will die and poison the tank, make sure that you get 1-2 pounds of live rock per gallon of tank and let the rock go through the cycle process before you stock anything in the tank.
  5. Harrison Member Member

    thanks whats the bets type of water pump do u know?
  6. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    Propellar heads, I prefer Tunze brands they are very well built and last forever. Vortech makes a really good pump as well. these pumps are very expensive might I add.
  7. Harrison Member Member

    its all good ive got the funds! just want a decent set up have u got any recommendations on what fish i should stock mate?

  8. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    Depends on what fish you would want to have. Any ideas that you may have?
  9. Harrison Member Member

    school of green chromis, 2 clowns, clean up crew that multi coloured goby is ACE! yellow tang cardinals white and black ones and i wanted one main attraction to the tank slightly bigger than rest and colourful any ideas please??

  10. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    A yellow tang will get too large for your tank if you want something similar that could work better you could look into a lemon angel. I'm pretty sure they stay smaller.
  11. Harrison Member Member

    thanks would this be the main centerpiece ??
  12. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    To many fish listed for a 40 gallon tank. Please re-read your post 1 inch of fish per 10 gallons of volume like I had mentioned. Over stocking and doing to many fish to fast will cause you much grief, I suggest that you choose small types. While you are looking at fish try to find info on them and learn as much as you can prior to your purchuse this will help you understand and not end up loosing your whole tank. There are many combonations that don't work and some that do that is key at having a sustainable tank. There is alot to learn in this hobby and the more that you are familiar with it the better you will be in the end.
    Cheers mate!
  13. Harrison Member Member

    Thanks man, i wasn't planning on introducing them all at ones anyways was going to start with the two clowns lets it cycle and over the months introduce that selection i chose from above but i will go over the inch per gallon and make sure unwanted changes lol

  14. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    Just remember that the key to success is to go way slow over a period of 3 months to 6 months depending on your tank..
  15. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    I assume you mean you'll add live stock after the tank cycles?

    Where possible, try and get aquacultured (tank bred) clowns, it's kinder on our reefs.

    As for cleanup crew; I don't know if you can get them in the US, but Cerith snails are a great addition for cleaning the sand bed (next on my list)

    Turbos are great for algae - but be careful on size - they can be bull-dozers.

    Also worth considering shrimp - Peppermints (L. vittata) are great for aiptasia control. Skunk (Red-lines) are also a great addition.

    I also have a tropical abalone which does a great job.

    Sea cucumbers also do a good job on the sand bed - but make sure your live rock is secure, they'll bury under the rocks and could cause an avalance.

    Hermits can be a great addition - but may not be so great with corals. Are you planning on FOWLR or Reef?

    For what it's worth - I would ditch the 3 stage filter, and go with Live Rock and a Protein Skimmer. Then consider your nutrient export method - refugium with macro algae, nitrate and phosphate reactors or carbon dosing (choose one, don't mix the three)
  16. Harrison Member Member

    yeah man once its cycled but just start with the clowns and add the others over months. where do u get the cerith snails? im not in the US lol UK! Atm im going for FOWLR and convert to reef later on, I was planning on live rock as well with the filter or is the filter not needed? also have u got any reviews on the V2 skim 400 ?? cheers

  17. pitbull_nc Member Member

    I'm not familiar with the nassarius snail but the link claims that they do eat detritus. Is this just a misconception stang man?
  18. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    OK, just checking. Be sure to do your research and try to add your fish from least aggressive to most aggressive.
    When choosing your fish, check the 'reef safe' status of the species. Some are known to nip corals, others will have a go at inverts (shrimp etc).
    Also, it's advisable to add all your CUC prior to adding fish.

    I don't know where you'd get them in the UK ??? Maybe have a chat to the people at London aquarium (next to the Eye) if you live near it, they had pretty knowlegable people there when I went last year.
    Here in Aus they come straight off the GBR ;)

    OK, so you probably need to consider what corals/anemones you are likely to keep. Most SW fish will live for 10+ yrs if properly cared for. What you choose now may affect what you want to do later.

    I'm no help on the V2 skim 400, but I would definitely scrap the filter. The live rock is your primary biological filter. Unlike FW, a SW setup is a filter in itself, the LR is your bio media. Use a skimmer to reduce DOC's (Dissolved Organic Compounds), and choose a method for Nitrate/Phosphate reduction. In a FOWLR this may not be as important as a reef, where many corals are sensitive to NO3, PO4, Mg, Ca and Alk levels.

    Hope that helps.
  19. Harrison Member Member

    Sump or Refugium?? and much help ryan!
  20. ryanr Moderator Moderator Member

    OK, so a sump is a 'tank' under your display tank and has many benefits, including a place to put heaters, skimmers, and other bits and pieces.

    The refugium generally forms a section of your sump, and is typically has a Deep Sand Bed, and is used to grow macro algaes. e.g. my sump has 3 sections, I have a section with extra LR in it, a section for my skimmer, and a return section. Note: if you go with carbon dosing, or reactors, you don't necessarily need a 'fuge.

    Do a youtube for LA Fish Guy - whilst I don't subscribe to many of his practices, his videos are very very informative, and really help to visualise what we're talking about.