Help needed on advice for marine plants?

Discussion in 'Marine Plants and Macro Algae' started by Harrison, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Harrison

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    any ideas on decent /colourful marine plants??
  2. ryanr

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    I honestly don't know that there are too many plants as such, there's a few macro algaes out there, but generally they don't go in the display. Plenty of 'weeds', I've had few hitchhike on my LR, but I actually havne't seen any for sale in LFS etc.

    Most of the 'plants' I've seen wouldn't be suitable for captivity (they grow too big), and aren't very colourful anyway. Maybe a quick google on "marine plants" ?

    Corals add the most colour, but given you're looking at FOWLR, probably not the best answer.

    EDIT: Here's one marine plant I've found:
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  3. OP

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    when can corals be added?? anemone take a yr max dont they