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Discussion in 'Livebearers' started by Smith, May 21, 2018.

  1. Smith

    SmithNew MemberMember

    Hi ,
    In my 10 gallon tank I have 4 female guppies ,2 male guppies and 4 cori cats. All are doing very good except one female guppy. I got them around 7 was back and the very next day she delivered 2 frys. Then she was ok. 2-3 weeks later she started isolating herself or hiding on the top of the tank. I thought she is going to deliver again. But she wasn't. She never stopped eating but the quantity reduced very less. And gradually she became very lean. ( and in the mean time one of her fry grew exactly like her , (the color,design every thing :emoji_blush: )and almost her size now I think). And yesterday onwards she is sitting inside the coconut shell cave I kept in the tank on the floor. When I give food she will come up and eat little and again will go back in the cave. When she comes out I don't feel she is sick. She is swimming good. But she don't swim long. Have food and go back.
    I used to check the water twice a week and the result shows my tank condition is perfect. Water temperature is 80 F
    Can anybody help me to know what's going on and what can I do to make her healthy .
    Oh... and yesterday I did a siphon and 50% water change too thinking that if some ammonia is bothering her. But still she behaves same:emoji_cold_sweat:
  2. OP

    SmithNew MemberMember

  3. Albifrons

    AlbifronsWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry to say but you've got some stocking issues. Corys should never be put in a ten gallon, even if they're a dwarf species. The male and female guppies will breed and over populate your tank. I would assume the cause of your guppies behavior is undesirable ammonia and nitrite levels, but since you said you tested and did water changes so I'm speculative as to the cause. What are your exact readings from your test kit. Also, is there anything that could be ganging up on her?

  4. OP

    SmithNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the help.Just now I took water to my lfs for a double check and the results are ammonia 0,Nitrate 20, nitrite 0, hardness 150(hard),chlorine 0, alkalinity 40 ( moderate) pH 6.8. And they told all looks good and no need of water change. I didn't know about coris as iam new to aquarium hobby. The lfs told I can put them so I got 'em.:emoji_cold_sweat:
  5. Lacey D

    Lacey DWell Known MemberMember

    She could also just be old. Girl guppies aren't bought as fast as males, so who knows how old she is. Guppies only live about 2 years under most conditions living with the stress of a pet store may have shortened her time. Giving birth (or growing a new batch) could be wearing her down.
    But you rescued her from that, and gave her a loving home <3 If it is nearing her time, she's doing it in the best place.
  6. Mcasella

    McasellaFishlore VIPMember

    Some guppies after giving birth sort of wither away over time. There isn't much you can do in these cases but making sure the females have hiding places from the males is best because the males are relentless and will chase and attempt to mate with a female until she is driven to death by exhaustion.
  7. RainBetta

    RainBettaWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah, I agree. Sometimes as well they get a little bit stressed after giving birth for the first time. Maybe she is about to drop? Sorry about your fishy :(
  8. OP

    SmithNew MemberMember

    sorry friends, I was away from messages because I lost her next day. I tried everything whatever I can to save her.:(.
    But one thing she did to me before going . Out of her 2 babies one girl looks exactly like her when she grown up. So her signature is with me now:shame:
  9. Lacey D

    Lacey DWell Known MemberMember

    Aw, I'm so sorry that she didn't make it. Thanks for the update, and I am glad she gave you a look-alike daughter :)

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