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  1. momo81New MemberMember

    i have 40 gal tank i want to setup a led light cheap and easy i goggling and find some site but need some answer before i start this project
    how many led we use ?
    what type of led we use ?
    what type of color? (i decided warm white and blue)
    how many watt we use?
    what kind of power supply we use and its volt(most important)?
    plz anymore info if needed plz give me advice full detail with picture sorry for bad English
  2. outlawWell Known MemberMember


    What type of 40 Gal is it? I only ask because the depth of the tank will make a difference.

    how many led we use ?Few variables. Depends on light demands (type of plants) and color you want, depth of tank, how high the fixture will be above the tank

    what type of led we use ? Luxeon, Phillips or Cree are the 3 brands I am aware of

    what type of color? (i decided warm white and blue) If only planning for planted with no intentions of SW, I would mix Cool White,
    Warm White and Neutral White mostly with a few blue

    how many watt we use? Minimum 3w, Recommend 5w each led. Higher capacity cost slightly more but can be controlled with proper setup

    what kind of power supply we use and its volt(most important)? Power supplies depend on setup you want. If you just want an ON/OFF, it can reduce the cost of the build but may not dim. Also depends on 1 PSU to control all LEDs or per string. 1 PSU again can reduce cost, but if it fails, all the lights are out until fixed. Multiple PSU is good for control and if one fails but will cost more. The voltage and amperage depends on amount of LEDs per string. Example below.

    The example I will use is my setup (see my blog for full build details)

    3 Strings using 5W Cree LEDs;
    S1- 6 Royal Blue and 2 Neutral White running at 3v@700ma MAX each (24vDC@700ma total)
    S2- 6 Cool White and 4 Warm White running at 3v@700ma MAX each (30vDC@700ma total)
    S3- 2 Moon LED running at 3v@350ma MAX each (6vDC@350ma total)

    I am running 3 power supplies or "drivers" as they are called with S1 and S2 on dimmers.
    Power Supply for S1 and S2 is 36vDC@700ma MAX (up to 10 LED)
    Power Supply for S3 is 13vDC@340ma MAX (up to 4 LED)

    There is a lot of research when considering doing a DIY LED for plants. If it was a FO, you could do whatever. Unfortunately the plants need certain spectrums which most single LED's cannot cover.

    Based off your other 2 posts so far, I would recommend getting a stable setup before venturing into an LED setup. They are NOT cheap. Hopefully this will help get you started.

    Welcome to Fishlore!

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  3. momo81New MemberMember

  4. momo81New MemberMember

    hey friend i want to know if i use 1w led 10 white warm and 1w led 10 blue
    or 10mm 20k mcd led 30 white warm and same for blue
    or 8mm 20k mcd 30 white warm and same for blue its ok or its not ok ?
  5. outlawWell Known MemberMember

    If you are not going to plant it, the 10mm or 8mm would work, you would probably need a lot of them for good coverage though.

    If going planted, I would use a min of 1w leds. If you have no intentions of going SW or don't mind buying new led's later, I would not use blue leds.

    If this is FW planted only- I would do a combination of Cool White, Warm White and Neutral White. if you want to add the bluish/purple tint or just a little color, I would add some blue (specifically royal blue if your looking for the actinic type blue used in SW).

    The number of leds needed will depend on your spacing which will depend on how you are mounting the fixture and how far above the water it is. (The higher it is, the more leds you need and will likely require optics).

    Also, what type of heatsink are you planning to use?

  6. momo81New MemberMember

    I m planning to use Heat Sink Aluminum Base Plate
  7. outlawWell Known MemberMember

    As long as its a good heatsink. With the amount of leds, the heatsink will have a big job.
  8. momo81New MemberMember

    i have power adapter -output 100v-265 vac 50/60hz
    input 4-12v dc 500ma
    12 high power led with heatsink (dont know watt) maybe 1 watt

    Fixture shield
  9. momo81New MemberMember

    anyone plz reply outlaw where r u? help me plz

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