Help need about my emperor tetra's...

  1. SammieJ Initiate Member

    Hi everyone..

    My mum recently purchased some emperor tetra's and they've been fine up till now.
    One of the fish seem to have white lump (spot) on its back fin, and we're confused as to what it may be, however he swims around fine and doesn't seem to effected by it but just worried.
    None of the other tetra's have this lump, we put some bactiera treatment just in case but if anyone could give me some help i'd be really happy.

    Thank you xx
  2. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    welcome to the forum

    a picture's worth a thousand words :) Is it a spot or a lump? Is it raised? Textured?
  3. SammieJ Initiate Member

    Sorry the pics aint great! but its right on the back fin... Canterbury-20120411-00090.jpg Canterbury-20120411-00082.jpg
  4. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Boy, it's got something bad goin on back there. The pics don't help me any, but I'm sure they will help others to determine what is wrong and the best course of action for you to take. The best advice I can give is to put the fish in a quarantine tank and do water changes. That will buy you more time while you figure out what needs to be done.

    If you don't have a quarantine tank, then jut leave it in the tank and do water changes.
  5. SammieJ Initiate Member

    :( totally confused, the others seem fine. Have other fish in there aswell and dont want them effected either . x
  6. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    It looks like the result of some serious nipping - the lower lobe of the caudal fin looks like it's been bitten off.
  7. SammieJ Initiate Member

    My mum's got 1 gourami (very peaceful), 4 emperor tetra's, 5 silvertip tetra's, 2 guppies, 7 black tetra's, a pleco and a couple of neon's and blue tetra's.. these are in a 70 litre tank..
    what fish could it be?. x
  8. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Are any of the other fish's fins a little rough around the edges?
  9. SammieJ Initiate Member

    No they dont look like it. x
  10. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Could have been the other emperor tetras. Could have been the gourami. I know you think it's peaceful, but there's a reason why you had to specify that it's peaceful - because they have a tendency not to be, depending on the species. Just because it seems peaceful most of the time, doesn't mean that it's peaceful all of the time. Often, your presence changes the fish's behavior.
  11. jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    Welcome to FishLore!

    I wouldn't be surprised to find it is due to aggression.

    It seems like a lot of fish for a 20 gallon tank, plus since your aquarium info says you are not aware of the nitrogen cycle. Over crowding and/or elevated ammonia/nitrite levels can cuase fish to become agressive. I highly recommend you read up on the nitrogen cycle, since it is the most important thing to understand when keeping fish.

    Good luck!