Help, My Goldfish Has Something Wrong With Him:(

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    IMG_2368.JPG IMG_2368.JPG IMG_2376.JPG IMG_2377.JPG IMG_2378.JPG IMG_2380.JPG IMG_2381.JPG Hello furum!
    I'm new here and I'm looking for help.
    I recently bought a goldfish that looked perfectly healthy at the store, a little over a week ago. I put him in a 15 gallon quarantine tank (I used already cycled media) when he came home, and has been there since.. I've been doing daily water changes when I noticed the problem.. on the tail fins I noticed a spot on both tail fins in the same location. It rooked like a tiny dark ball at first, now it's white and seems to have spread further down the fin.. all other fins seem to be ok. He's fairly active and eating. not sure where to start..

    I have 3 bulldog plecos in another tank doing just fine now for a few months.

    Ammonia: 0 ppm
    Nitrite: 0 ppm
    Nitrate: 5 ppm
    PH: 7.2
    IMG_2383.JPG IMG_2384.JPG
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    Do you have an airstone in there? The water needs to be airated, ESPECIALLY with goldfish. If not, add an airstone and as you said you had a cycled filter in there, correct?

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    Sorry for taking long to reply, the box the write your reply was never present or available for me..

    Yes there's an air stone.. and yes I took cycled media from my other established tank and put it in the quarantine tank.

    As this is a few days later the white marks are less severe it more or less still present on its tail. Seems to have moved further down the tail. I'm still doing partial water changes daily, and picking up all the waste off the bottom of the tank..

    the goldfish is eating and pretty active, I just don't know what's wrong with his tail fins:(