Help my fish are sick

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    :'(My black angelfish just died last night and it was covered in a whiteish creamy film all over his body. This was basically only noticeable when he was under the lights. I noticed this a couple of days ago but since I'm new at this I thought it might be part of his coloration until it was also covering his eye too. My catfish also died that morning along with a neon but they had no symptoms that I could see. So I think the only reason that I could see it on the angel is because he was black. Someone please help me I need to know what this is and how to treat it!!!!! :'(

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    The site is really about Bettas, but it has lots of info about diseases and cures. You'll probably need to do a partial water change and use some kind of medication if they're sick (don't forget to remove the filter carbon, as it absorbs medication). Has you're tank finished going through the Nitrogen Cycle? If it hasn't, that could be what's killing your fish. There's tons of information about the Nitrogen Cycle on this site, so if that's your problem or if you are unformiliar with that term, please read all about it and test your Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate levels. I recommend the product Cycle if this is the case. Also make sure you have proper pH and temperature. On the other hand, your tank may be well established and with proper conditions, and in that case your going to need to diagnose the disease(sorry, I can't help with so little information) and treat it. Also, raising the temperature to 80 or 85 F if your fish can take it, and adding some aquarium salt, a tablespoon per 5 gallons if you are not already doing so(it is a good idea as it helps prevent disease), will help get rid of nasty little bugs.

    In short,
    If your aquarium hasn't finished the Nitrogen Cycle, try using Cycle to speed it up, and do frequent partial water changes
    Make sure your temp. and pH levels are OK
    If your fish have a disease, do partial water change, raise temp., add salt, diagnose and treat for specific disease(remove carbon from filter)

    I hope this helps!

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    Aprilcomer ... one of my angelfish is currently sick. She also had a dust-like film on her body, only it was more bluish than white. I suspected velvet disease. The film is gone now, but she still doesn't eat. Instead, now she developed a fungus in two places of her body. I don't know exactly what disease she has because she has been displaying symptoms of many diseases. But I am nevertheless responding to your post because she also had a film on her body, just as your fish. I have been recommended with Maracyn I and II as the treatment (by dear Gunnie - thanks Gunnie!). So far the film is gone, but the fungus is still on her body. I just started using these 2 medicationss and can't say if they're effective. But I hear they are. And I need time to see for myself. If you have other fish in your tank, observe them closely and often. Look for any growths or films on their bodies. Look for changes in behavior and swimming. See if they eat normally. If the same symptoms as the black angelfish had develop in other fish, maybe try Maracyn I and II - these two medications are for multiple diseases. That is why they're good if you are not sure what disease your fish has (as it was in my case). These 2 medications treat: fin and tail rot, popeye, body fungus, dropsy, and septicemia. Another medication, called Maracide, treats ick, velvet, and other external parasites. And Maroxy treats the true body fungus (if one is really sure of the disease's authenticity).