Help my employer with murky pond


I work for a non profit, and they have a large (3000 plus gallons) and quiet elaborate pond out front. There are many large Koi living in this pond, unfortunately its difficult to tell as the water is so murky (brown with debris). I recently inquired as to how the pond was maintained and what might be done to make it more visually appealing. I was informed that the pond is fed via "ditch water", and that silt levels in the nearby river are to blame for the water quality.

Unfortunately this is really all the information I have as my job is in no way related to the grounds keeping or maintenance of the facility.

Do you guys have any thoughts or suggestions in regards to improving the water quality/clarity? Is it possible (within reason) to improve the quality given the source water? Are there more questions I should ask (there is no guarantee I will get answers though)


Some kind of natural filter would be best between the ditch water and the pond. A bog area would add biological filtration followed by aggregates to mechanically filter. Not sure if that's practical!

Failing that a top of the range filter/pump with a UV light to kill waterborne algae.


Not sure that is totally feasible, special because if I wanted to add filtration I would be footing the bill. . .

There is a bit of a shallow area where the water runs in. . . could potentially be converted to a bog type setup. . . might be something to think about.


A bog would be the best bet. Sounds like you’d just be speeding up nature anyway.

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