Help! My Dwarf Gourami Is Sick!!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by DanCrutchley, Apr 19, 2018.

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    The last day or so i have noticed my Blue Dwarf has been sitting at the top near the filter intake and barely moves not even for feeding. He seems to have something on his back side like a sore or something. I do have a snail issue atm and am going to my lfs tomorrow to get an assassin snail and a clown loach ive taken a water sample to my lfs already and the water params are perfectly fine. Could it be iridovirus? Hes currently in a tank with another dwarf a melon barb and a clown pleco. Thanks in advance

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    What tank size?

    It could be DGIV.
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    Update: as i posted this he sank to the floor, unfortunately i think hes passed :'(

    Ive just checked him and he had a swollen belly and a legion on his back. Deffo seems to fit dgiv symptoms :(

    I dont know the params as the lfs tested for me as ive miss placed my master test kit during a house move.
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