Help, My betta is afraid of me


My betta swims all around as long as he thinks I'm not around. As soon as he sees me he hides in a cave. I have only had him for a few days, and he is in my office. Is this weird? Is he OK? He hasn't eaten anything, even though I put food in. Also, he is the only fish in the aquarium.


He'll get used to you.
My male betta was scared of me as well.. and still pretty hesitant of me (after about a week). But he's warming up as he sees that I'm the bringer of food rofl


I've had mine a little over a week (feels longer, I can hardly imagine not having him) and he used to sort of retreat when I put a hand near his tank. Now he's much more relaxed, and I can put my face right near the glass if I want. If I move slowly while feeding, I can even keep my hand over the tank. I expect it's just a case of getting used to things.

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