Help My Angelfish Is Floating On Its Side

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Alex_ Bakewell, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Alex_ Bakewell

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    I had a fish tank with an angelfish in it of which i named carrot the fish tank began to grow good algae which made my grandfather decide to clean the tank without asking this has caused massive ph problems, as a result carrot is refusing food and floating on his side i know what has caused the problem but wish to know how to fix it i do not have any spare tanks available to me.

    Please do help as i have grown very attached to him as i raised him from one month old
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  2. Fashooga

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    What are the current parameters? Cleaning algae from the tank shouldn't make a big problem. One problem I could see is whether your grandpa had some substance in his hands and arms that got into the tank, assuming he dove right into it.
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    Alex_ Bakewell

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    i dont know the current parameters but it was a full water change i did add in some beneficial bacteria form another tank and also some from a bottle