Help!my Angel Fish Is Laying On Gravel Bed

  1. Pisces82 Initiate Member

    Looking for some advice,my angel fish has started laying on the gravel bed.she does come back up briefly to eat but then returns to the bottom.i have tested the water and everything is fine.and theres no signs of illness or bloating.somehow the heater was set to 78.could this be the cause? 7d16c4a19c5b7fb7c9a3f2a96994d350.jpg
  2. Kasshan Well Known Member Member

    When you say the water params were "fine", that could be a subjective term if you have anything above zero. For future consideration please indicate a value the respective nitrogenous wastes(some fish are more sensitive than others). Hardness and pH are also very useful to know in order to make proper assumptions about what could be affecting the harmony of your tank. If you have high pH and very hard water it could make an Angel sick if it is not properly adapted. However, certain individuals just have reduced fitness and little can be done to save them, if you pet does expire, don't rush out and get a new one. Take the time to be a good scientist, figure some things out. if the issue was in your control and you get new Angel you can avoid making the same mistake.

    In short. With more information we can offer better insight and better guesses to help
  3. Pisces82 Initiate Member

    Thank you for your response,the ph is 6.5, ammonia 0, nitrite 0 and less than 20 for nitrate.i have had her in this tank for about 6-8months.i do weekly water changes about 25% and cleanings.i normally keep the temp around 82 but noticed it was set between 76-78 possibly when i was cleaning it got moved?anyways do you think maby the decrease in temp could have caused it?
  4. Kasshan Well Known Member Member

    the decrease in temp doesn't send any red flags for me. there must be another unforeseen reason at the moment.