Help!! Moving houses tomorrow!


I have 29 G freshwater planted tank. We are moving tomorrow it is about an hour and forty min drive. I was planning on moving the fish using two 5 Gallon buckets w/lids but now I am wondering if that is enough space for all the fish.... and How should I separate them? I was going to leave the plants and gravel in with a tiny bit of water at the bottom. I was going to put filter media in large ziplock with some tank water. I have:
6 corys
1 golden
5 Congo tetras (large)
3 danio Glofish
4 ottos
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You will be fine with 2 5g buckets you don't need much space just to move them. Id put the cories ant ottos in one and the rest in the other. Also put plastic wrap over the top to keep the humidity to help stop the plants from drying out.


Ok so I literally moved my 10 gallon yesterday and just as heads up it might get really cloudy for about three days from the bacteria reestablishing from such a huge water Change.But I can't help to much cuz I just moved the tank across my house.But ya I like your system everything should be fine!
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