HELP, mexican orange crayfish

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Someone locally wants to trade me a few Mexican orange crayfish for my shrimp. These guys look super cool.

Anyone here keep them?

I have empty 10gal I can use

Or should I pass?

I can Google about them but seeing if anyone on here has them.


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I had a dwarf cray years ago, as I remember, they will catch and eat most anything it can, so no shrimp in the tank, unless your feeding it.


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Make sure that only 1 is a male. A 10g might not be enough territory space for two males.

Look cool
Easy to keep
Don’t need large tanks

Destroy plants
Can be risky to have with fish or shrimp (I got lucky)
And this is probably something I did wrong but mine died of a molt issue at a pretty young age.


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Pros: Fun to watch and aesthetically pleasing, compact size, has been safe with adult neos and plants

Cons: Might try to escape, mine appears to have been killing snails and will probably eat baby neos


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I’ve kept two, one previously and one currently.

The one I kept before was in a 10g community that had some guppies. He was quite the character. I remember he would steal food right out of a fish’s mouth if he wanted to. He would also pinch fish if they got too close. It was my mistake for getting him at a time when I was so inexperienced. I noticed 2 guppies had shredded tails and were acting lethargic, but wasn’t sure about the cause. Finally, the the third time around I saw that my dwarf crayfish had grabbed my guppy by his tail and was trying to drag him into a cave. I saved the guppy and rehomed the dwarf crayfish as at the time I was inexperienced and lacked resources for another tank.

The one I keep currently is a female. I only got her because she was kept in the store in a nano tank (I’m not sure the exact size, but it looked to be quite small, maybe 4 gallons) with several small fish (an ember tetra, a cardinal tetra, some type of dwarf danio, and another fish I can’t remember. The tank was awful, but that’s besides the point) and she had been in there for nearly 3 months. I thought she may work out in my 36g community if she was coexisting with these fish, and if not I now have the resources to set up a separate tank for her. She also didn’t seem to be doing too well so I felt bad for her.

I’ve barely had her a month so I can’t say much as to if this will work long-term, but so far she’s been very peaceful. If fish are near her, she will wait for them to move before going her own way. I’ve never seen her pinch a fish or even do a defensive display.

I haven’t owned enough of them to say if gender plays a part in aggression, but I will say it’s all dependent on their personality. Still, they’re great little creatures that are worth caring for
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