help me!

  1. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    I have a Marineland bio wheel 150 it wont suck the water up the tube help me!
  2. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Have you tried cleaning the impeller and motor housing?
  3. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    how do I get to the motor housing and yes i cleaned the impeller.
  4. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    On that filter, I have no idea. Does it look like it might twist off?
  5. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    no it does not. Its used some it might just be junk.
  6. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    is it making any noise? Does the motor get hot?
  7. Lupinus Member Member

    Is it a new setup? Been running and suddenly stopped? Is it making any noise at all? What kind of noise? Or is it silent? Is it moving air just not water?
  8. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    I just got it from someone, its making a loud noise like its not sucking water just the air it seem theres not suction to get the water up.
  9. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Did you fill it with water??
  10. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    yea its filled with water
  11. Lupinus Member Member

    Sometimes they can be tricky to prime and get going, I have the 100 on my ten gallon. I find it helps to remove the cartridge until the water is flowing, fill it up at much as possible, and watch. If you see it moving air bubbles and the water level in the filter is slowly rising you know you are making progress. When there is good flow returning to the tank I put the cartridge back in.

    You can also try tilting it around a bit. Assuming it's just an air bubble that helps to get things moving on mine.
  12. Akari_32 Fishlore Legend Member

    Try playing with the tube a bit. Some times I have to do that for my filters. Lift it up and down real fast, or side to side if it's adjustable like an aquaclear.
  13. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    does the gray thing on the extension tube need to be opened?
  14. Lupinus Member Member

    Are you referring to the part that goes into the middle of the intake tube for deep tanks?
  15. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    yea that part.
  16. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    I have run those without that before, any of the HOB's with a motor and pump outside the tank can be a pit of a pain to prime.

    I unplugthem and fill them with water then I turn them on, if they still don't pull a prime I try to pour a very large cup of water in at once to try and get the water to go into the intake tube from the filter side, if you can get a bit to go one way a lot of times its enough toe tart pulling the initial siphon that you need to get them going.
  17. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    where do you pour the very large cup of water inside the impeller tube?
  18. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    its still not working. ugh
  19. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    right into the filter area, preferably over the top of the tube so that it has a better chance to go back up the tube and not out the overflow of the filter and into the tank
  20. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    still not working about ill tape it so you can hear what it sounds like?