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  1. am3ience

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    Hi, i'm new to fishkeeping and have a 36 gallon bowfront tank using an aqeuon quietflow 55 filter, and the tank is in the process of being heavily planted. Currently I have:

    6 zebra danios
    3 honey gourami
    3 oto catfish
    1 siamese algae eater.

    I'm thinking of bringing my zebra danios back to petsmart and getting some more colourful fish for my tank. I was thinking of a couple dwarf flame gourami, and a school of cardinal or neon tetras or maybe even rainbowfish? Any recommendations would be awesome! Would like the fish be as nice looking or colorful as possible!
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    I would recommend against more than one Flame Dwarf Gourami. They really do not get along with one another and should be treated more like male Betta's.

    When I had my 36 gallon bowfront tank set up I had 3 Boeseman's Rainbows along with 5 Odessa Barbs. So I would think that if you returned the danio's, you could put 3 Rainbows in there (actually more than 3 if you get Preacox Rainbows or Threadfin's)

    Best of luck!
  3. endlercollector

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    Please tell us about your pH and if possible your KH to help us come up with good stocking ideas to replace your danios. How long has your tank been set up?

    A regardless of the KH, I cannot recommend keeping any Boesemanis in your tank. They need to be in a shoal of at least six, and I would not put them in anything less than 55 gallons as they like to zip along. They like hard water, and would not easily live with honey gouramis or oto cats, who demand more acidic water.

    Honey gouramis and oto cats are very difficult fish to keep in my experience. If you're successful with them, then I would imagine that you can handle a school of cardinal or neon tetras if you have access to very hardy ones that are bred locally or else wild caught.

    I would not take a chance on combining flame gouramis with your honeys unless your sure that you have mostly girls to avoid territory issues.
  4. OP

    am3ienceNew MemberMember

    My tank has been running for about a month now with 0 ammonia, nitirite, and nitrate.
    Since i'm at work i can't check the KH and the pH right now, but from what i remember the pH is around 7 and KH is a little less than 40.

    My LFS have said that it is possible to keep one Boesemani Rainbowfish, but i'm skeptical since every care sheet and you have stated that they are schooling fish.2 out of the three honey gouramis i have are female. Do you think getting another female dwarf flame gourami will hurt?
  5. endlercollector

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    Given your water parameters, current stock, and the size of the tank, I would recommend that you go with mellower Tetras and Cory cats. Six bloodfin tetras and six smaller Cories would work well. I am also recommending these fish because you already have types that are prone to keeling over and providing you with enough stress. It makes sense to me to replace your easiest fish with others that will also be relatively undemanding.

    Yes, you could do a female dwaf flame gourami, but it is unusual to find them in most LFS.

    It does not seem to me that your tank is cycled given that the nitrate is also reading zero unless you just did a huge water change. I really would wait another month before adding more fish, and then I would use a quarantine tank.
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  6. OP

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    Oh, to my understanding I thought having 0 across the board was a good thing? Also i'm using test strips to test my nitrite and nitrate, my nitrate is either at 0 or a bit more, or it could be my plants taking it in? Regardless, i'm ok with waiting another month just to be sure. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. endlercollector

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    I recommend getting the API ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate tests as the strips are notoriously vague. After a couple of tries, you will find it gets very easy to use them. My only complaint is that the tubes fall over and break too often. You can use a pint-sized tomato basket or make holes in an egg carton to hold the tubes upright.
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    I would definitely recommend adding a school of neon tetras. They always add so much to a tank, and you can't really appreciate then until you get them and see just how colorful they really are.

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    I'd love a pair of angelfish that are white with the splotches of orange, black.