Help Me Stock My 60 Gallon, Please!

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    I'm setting up a new 60 gallon tank, 48.5" long x 12.75" wide x 25" high. It's the Marineland Heartland from PetSmart with the glass top and stand. I've got the Penn-Plax Cascade 1000 canister filter under it and a 300 watt Aqueon heater. It's got pool filter sand for substrate. Right now I'm doing the fishless cycle with ammonia, so I'd like to figure out what fish will be going in when it's ready.

    I've already got a 10 gallon with a betta and 6 cories (2 albino, 2 peppers, and 2 julii colored; the PetSmart employee said they'd all shoal together, but they don't). I'm kind of attached to all the catfish, but I'm thinking it would be best to rehome two species and get more of the ones that stay. The betta isn't going in the new tank.

    So what should my stocking look like for the 60 gallon? I'm wanting a peaceful community. So far I've definitely got cories, and I'd love a school of glass catfish. I also like neons or cardinal tetras, and rummy nose tetras for schooling fish. Maybe a dwarf gourami or Bolivian ram for something bigger. Kuhli loaches are really neat, but I'm not sure how they'd get on with the cories since they're both at the bottom. Male guppies are really pretty, if there'd be room for them. Maybe a bristlenose or rubberlip pleco? Seems like a long list of fish! So what are my options? Any glaring incompatibilities? What and many will keep the fish happy and the tank not overcrowded?
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    Hi there,
    You can keep the betta alone in the 10 gal, the Betta would be much happier there.

    The Corydoras aren't shoaling because they aren't the same species or at least not a similar color or pattern. I would re home two species of Corydoras and expand the other school.

    I wouldn't recommend glass Catfish because they are very sensitive to changes of water parameters. So unless, you are super careful while doing water changes, I wouldn't get them. Instead, how about a school of Dwarf Rainbowfish? They don't grow as big and are very colorful.

    So something like this could work:
    10-12 Julii OR Albino Corydoras
    10 Dwarf Rainbowfish
    1-2 Bolivian Ram
    1 Rubberlip Pleco
    3-4 Male Guppies
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    So you could have
    8-12 neon tetras
    8-12 glass catfish
    1 Dwarf gourami or 1-2 honey gourami
    1-2 Bolivian ram
    5 Male guppies
    1 BN or rubberlip pleco
    10-15 peppered OR julli cories

    OR you could have warmer water and have
    8-12 Cardinal tetras
    8-12 Rummy nose tetras
    2 GBR
    1 Clown pleco
    10-15 Albino and/or bronze cories (you can mix them as they are the same type of cory just different colours) OR 10-15 Kuhli loaches
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    Thanks for the replies! Think I may go for BottomDweller's first list, and keep my peppered cories. I've read that the glass cats are pretty sensitive about the water, so I figure I'll let the tank run a few months with the other fish and see how I do before adding them in.

    Lol, so I stopped by Petco earlier just to browse a bit, and they had the cutest little baby albino bristlenose plecos. Hope they've got ones that tiny when I'm ready to stock! Had a few nitrates in the new tank this morning, so hopefully it won't be too long before it's cycled.