Help Me Pump My Sump!

Discussion in 'Sump' started by Cyberknight0517, Sep 17, 2018.

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    Building an overflow sump for my 75 gallon aquarium and trying to find a good pump that's not like nails in a blender but also under like 80 bucks, if it's something extremely trusted by multiple people but a little more expensive I'll be willing to check it out, it's for my brackish tank which isnt "saltwater" but the pump needs to tolerate the salt in there so that's why it's in this category
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    Also, I'm looking for like 800gph minimum
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    And a good overflow box as well (the HOB kind)
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    Here's my recommendation; it's what I have on my 55 gallon tank w/ 29 gallon sump. I think it would meet your needs. Some guiding principles I followed when setting up my sump:

    * I dont want my floors to flood - so use a Herbie or Bean Animal design. I used a Herbie:  
    * Didn't want to drill tank so I used a HOB overflow box w/ dual drains so I could implement the Herbie design
    * Biological filtration works best at 3-4x turn over. So for 90 gallons of water (assuming 75 gallon tank + decent sump), you need 360 gph flow for optimal biological filtration. No need for "crazy powerful" return pump
    * If you want 10x flow in tank for good mechanical filtration and "oxygenation"... Use powerheads, circulation pumps, or HOB (aka AquaClears w/ prefilter sponge) to accomplish this.

    Anyway, that's some of the "theory". Not sure why you "need" 800 gph of flow for your return.. If you are sure you do , then great. But you don't have to accomplish that flow w/ your return. HOB, canister, etc. are like "boomboxes". Sumps are like component stereos.. you can get optimize your setup and configure it for what you need. Anyway, sharing this in case others come across the post, want to make sure people understand, biological and mechanical (and chemical/UV) all require different rates of flow for optimal effectiveness.

    Here's my setup:

    * eShopps 1100 overflow box (has dual drains, perfect for Herbie setup; get a quality Spears valve to dial the flow properly on the return line.. don't go cheap here)
    * I used black vinyl tubing instead of hard PVC pipe -- was easier to plumb for me, and avoiding 90-degree turns in the plumbing is a good idea, especially for return lines
    * Eheim 2000 Compact pump (~500 gph; I have mine dialed down to 200 gph on my setup; check the pump head chart to understand how much actual water flow you will have at 4 ft height -- assuming your sump is below your tank); I paid ~$80 for this on Amazon. It's very quiet.
    * Koralia Nano circulation pumps to achieve 8-10x flow in tank. (remember, you are already getting 4x flow from the sump, you only need 6x flow from the pumps.. i like having multiple smaller powerheads so i can deal w/ any dead spots

    W/ a properly dialed-in Herbie setup and this Eheim pump, the tank is (almost) perfectly silent. (You do get a little vibration from the pump, but if you are that OCD about noise then crickets at night and spiders crawling on the walls probably drive you bonkers). It's so quiet I usually think the pump failed, and actually prefer to hear a little gurgle in the sump to make sure everything is working OK. You may want to check out for parts, etc.