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Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by BlessedMommy, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. BlessedMommyNew MemberMember

    ughhhh its so frustrating!!!! Back in the day I remember not even doig any of this or my parents either; yet the element within water and the water supply has changed drastically this safe or not im attaching a photo a month three i had a professional come in and redo the tank and to me the levels still arent good enough and it been five months since the guy redid the tank im just want my fish to be happy healthy and i dont want to be the cause of any unnatural deaths ppppllleeeaassseeeee help!!!! Any advice or constructive critism would be appreciated.

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  2. musserump09Well Known MemberMember

    Your tank has fish and running for five months then you shouldn't be worried if maintaining a weekly or bi weekly water change. What size tank? How many fish?

  3. DakotablueValued MemberMember

    It's a little hard to tell but is that PH above 8? That's higher than what would be ideal.

    Can you give us all of your tank specs and such? That would help diagnose things.

  4. Wild BillWell Known MemberMember

    What size tank is this? How many fish? What kind of filtration? How often are you doing water changes?

  5. BlessedMommyNew MemberMember

    I have fish this is a brand new aquarium and I have not put this fish in this aquarium I currently only have two I’ve been waiting for the tank to stabilize before getting the rest here a snapshot of the other fish I’ve been waiting to buy

    Ohh and 38 gallon

    No fish, 39 gallon, I have done water change I have added fish yet because I don’t want them die; trying to regulate the water properly before adding them here’s more perks on tank

    No fish in tank brand new aquarium trying to regulate levels prior to adding fish here’s the specs

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  6. musserump09Well Known MemberMember

    So your tank has been running for 5 months no fish?
  7. BlessedMommyNew MemberMember

    Correct I was trying to be patient and do the fishless cycle

    Oh oh PH seems to be the 7.8
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  8. MissRuthlessWell Known MemberMember

    Are you feeding the tank with an ammonia source? If not then your cycle hasn't begun to establish yet. You need to be adding ammonia or fish food (or a piece of raw shrimp or something), testing the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate with a LIQUID test kit. Those strips are not reliable, but for what they do show the ph is quite high, and zero nitrate would indicate that the tank is not cycled. You should get a proper test kit and check the ph from your tap to decide if something should be done about it based on what fish you want to keep in the tank. Also, don't pay anyone to do stuff to your tanks. That's silly and unnecessary. People here can help you with whatever you need for free.
  9. BlessedMommyNew MemberMember

    I had the guy at petco come by well he’s dating my cousin lol too much info I know I didn’t pay though and I added the aqua Safe plus water conditioner. Yet, adding ammonia will help with all of this and thank you ALL SO MUCH

    Just ordered a liquid tester and the steps for adding ammonia to new aquarium is required? And listed as above? Even though no fish are in the tank?

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  10. musserump09Well Known MemberMember

    Liquid test the tank and tap source and let's go from there.

    Stocking list you created might have some issues. Schools need more and bettas are not great community fish from what I heard but I could be wrong. Others will hopefully be able to help you with stock I'm more of chemistry nerd. Lol
  11. pugletfanWell Known MemberMember


    You should get this liquid test kit. It is much more accurate than test strips.

    Welcome to Fishlore! This is an excellent forum and a great place to get information. I would trust the information you get here much more than what a pet store employee tells you. There are many very experienced fish keepers here that will guide you as you begin this hobby!
  12. bitseriouslyWell Known MemberMember

    After 5 months, and with nitrates present, I’d hope ur cycled, even if beneficial bacteria colonies are small, and not able to process sig amounts of ammo.
    But I’d want to see a) how your tank handles ammonia (a good point of reference for cycled tank is that is should process ammonia [2ppm I think?] into nitrite and then nitrate within 24 hrs).
    I’d also want to see a liquid test result, since the nitrate colour looks, weird.
    And finally, please also test your tap water for nitrates. I’m assuming you’re cycled bc you have no nitrite and some nitrate. But, we don’t have an ammo measure, and don’t know about nitrates in tap; if tap does have nitrates, and your tank were uncycled, you’d get the same results as shown.
  13. BlessedMommyNew MemberMember

    okay great I’m headed to the store now I’ve ordered one last night but I’m ready to get to it

    Thank so much I hope they have this kit

    Okay understandable thank you so much
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  14. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    If you had no fish in this tank and were not adding an ammonia source then your tank is not and can not cycle. I see the only thing you added is a water conditioner. That product will do nothing to help cycle a tank other than removing the chlorine and supposedly help with a fishes slime coat.

    I would be willing to bet back in the day your parents added fish and then did water changes as needed. The fish produced ammonia and that ammonia started the cycle. It started growing and then fed the bacteria and helped it colonize on every surface in the tank.

    As time went on the ammonia became nitrites and then the nitrites became nitrates. As the tank cycled and the amount of bacteria grew the cycle of ammonia to nitrites to nitrates happened so quickly the high amount of ammonia produced by the fish didn't have time to hurt the fish.

    Back in the day we didn't test the water we just played it by ear and most of the time we got it right. :)

    Since you don't want to do a fish in cycle you need to add the ammonia that fish would be adding with a fish in cycle. Be sure the ammonia you get is pure ammonia. You don't want one with anything like soap or fragrances added to it. If it foams when shaken it isn't pure ammonia.

    To do this you really do have to have the test kit already recommended or you will just be guessing.

    I just realized that you said you already have 2 fish but they are not in this tank. Where are they? Are they in an already cycled tank? If that is the case we may be able to help you cycle this tank quickly and possibly even instantly.
  15. BlessedMommyNew MemberMember

    Okay at the local pet store looking to utilize this kit to stabilize water what do you’ll think and also I’ve just grab my test kit too

    Currently still at the store they advised not to use ammonia but I’m not listening to them I’m trying to figure this thing out with the help from youll

    What does the eco stone do to support the tank and the cycling process

    They also said ammonia adding to the tank is bad and don’t do it Help I’m still in the middle of the isle looking lost what about thes two products

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  16. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    I am sorry that I didn't catch this post sooner :(

    Don't waste your money on the eco-stone. Totally unnecessary.

    Definitely get the API test kit. It will be your life line.

    don't listen to them about adding ammonia. Fish poop, that poop forms the ammonia for a fish in cycle. Without fish you need an ammonia source.

    If I were you I would get Seachem Prime and Stability. The fish store may not have ammonia but you can probably find it at wal-mart or Ace hardware or......

    actually if I were doing it I wouldn't even get the Stability but folks have had some good results with it. I personally think a tank can be cycled with just an ammonia source. the bottled bacteria is just supposed to speed up the cycle.

    I think the stability is good to have on hand once you start adding fish though to help with their transition to their new home.
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  17. BlessedMommyNew MemberMember

    I have this would it be the same???? Still here at the pet store not leaving until I get it right running to Walmart next thanks so much

    So beneficial bacteria assists with???? The ammonia levels and or ph?

    What about this; I know I’m asking a lot I just want to get it correct and not kill any beautiful lives. I appreciate everyone help for the internet and other sources are vitally contradicting

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  18. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    That is just a water conditioner. It is actually what I used for many years. It isn't a bacteria booster. It is basically the same kind of product as SeaChem Prime. Both are water conditioners. Most of us do recommend Prime because it can also help neutralize ammonia/nitrite/nitrate spikes.

    Cycling a tank just means growing bacteria. The bacteria eats the ammonia/nitrite and turns them into nitrates. You will understand the process more if you will read up on the nitrogen cycle.

    I have never used a bottle bacteria but yes, that is what that one is.
  19. BlessedMommyNew MemberMember

    Should I try to cycle with five zebra danios or noooooooooooo
  20. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    You could actually cycle your tank with just the water conditioner you already have and some ammonia. Since you won't have fish to worry about you won't be doing constant water changes so the Prime isn't necessary at this point either.

    You may want to go ahead and get it while you are there if they have it. You can get the API bottled bacteria too. With that, the test kit and the ammonia you will have everything you need to get this tank cycled.

    I would but that is up to you. It will take a lot of water changes. It could even mean daily water changes so it is up to you.

    If you decide to go this route they will provide the needed ammonia.

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