Help Me Pick Centerpiece Fish

  1. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    So I'm trying to choose between 3 centerpiece fish and I'm very indecisive so I thought to get a vote.

    First a little about the tank:
    -5 cories, rainbow shark, 2 angels, clown loach, golden gourami

    The choice:
    Today at my lfs I saw the tiniest electric blue jack Dempsey, a German blue ram, and electric blue ram. I am in love with all 3 of these, so please help me decide why or why not I should pick a specific one? TIA

    jack dempsey electric blue - Google Search:

    german blue ram - Google Search:

    electric blue ram - Google Search:
  2. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    GBRs and Electric Blue need warmer water. I would go for Bolivians instead. EBJD get to 10 inches or so. Clown Loaches can get to more than a foot in size. @Anders247
  3. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    Warmer water? From what I've read the temperature suitable for them ranges from 72-78°F? :( @Katie13
  4. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    GBRs, EBRs, and GGRs do best in at least 78-80.
  5. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    Okay well I'm sure I could adjust the temp up by two degrees then...
  6. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    For tank raised, they do well at 78-80. Imported do best at 78-84. The warmer the better. The first thing I would do is up the number of Corydoras. What type do you have? I would also return/rehome the Clown Loach.
  7. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    I upped their number today as I originally had one cory similis and now added 4 bronze
  8. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    They really need to be in groups of at least 6 of the same species.
  9. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    Unfortunately I can't get any more of the similis as its super rare around here though he seems to already be schooling with the bronzes
  10. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    corydoras really do better in schools of their own species. Though rehoming doesn't sound like it would do this guy any good since he'd likely be by himself no matter what. I'd ask the LFS if they could get anymore in.

    I'd keep the germans at atleast 80F and really the higher the better within reason. Unfortunately that is too warm for rainbow sharks. So you'll need to choose between the 2 species. I'd also consider rehoming the clown loach as it also requires groups and will eventually outgrow your tank.

    Dempseys are awesome fish but I wouldn't combine them with angels. They are on another level as far as aggression goes. EB Jacks are less aggressive than a regular dempsey but they are still dempseys and their blue-ness doesn't make them a peaceful fish...just less aggressive.

    I think bolivian rams would probably be a good solution for something your stocking. I'd aim for a temp of 76 or 77 which should be happy for everything you currently have plus the bolivians. Some other options would be keyhole cichlids, smiling acaras, or rainbow cichlids
  11. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    The Corys are fine. In my experience Corys are OK as long as the aren't by themselves. Get rid of the Clown Loach, Raise the temp a little bit, and get 2 or 3 of either of the Rams. Most good LFSes will take fish that the owner can't take care of and re-home them.

    The Jack Dempsey will terrorize the Angels.
  12. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for all the suggestions @tyguy7760 I checked them out but unfortunately none of them seem to offer the bright colours I'm looking for :(
    I fell in love with the little baby dempsey though I know they can be too aggressive... I might however consider removing the rainbows so I can get the GBR, or EBR, and the guy there told me that they might even be getting some Balloon electric blue rams in soon :)
  13. MattS99 Well Known Member Member

    I keep my GBR at 78-79 no problems. I'd bump up the temp if I didn't have livebearers. He's a happy camper though. I don't think you'll have any issues with GBR at that temperature. I'm honestly finding taking care of GBRs a lot easier than I thought it would be.
  14. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    I also just remembered that the sharks were kept at a higher temperature for 2 or 3 years before I took them over from the guy I got the tank from... thanks for letting me know @MattS99
  15. George Johnston Initiate Member

    Get what you want all fish have different personalities if the tank is already established the Jack Dempsey will not come into an established tank and terrorise the angels especially seeing you said he's very small he wont touch them and after a couple of days he will class them as his tank mates and if he does surprisingly terrorise then just give him back or sell him, I've got a baby oscar with an elephant nose and no problem
  16. sweendog87 Member Member

    I am considering similar stock check out the eba a pair would go nicely in your size tank not sure how they would go with the others tho but they are an amazing looking fish imo
  17. kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    @sweendog87 eba? Can you give the full name please? :) can't find anything for "eba"
  18. Initiate Member Member

    The rams are very good looking and are best kept in pairs so if you are looking for a centre piece fish I think the dempsey would look better
  19. sweendog87 Member Member

    Electric blue acara yes or an electric blue jack dempsey also beautiful fish but get a little larger than acaras so maybe only a one
  20. kayla.s Well Known Member Member