Help me improve my possible betta tank.

  1. Fishlover64 Initiate Member

    Hello everyone. I have a 5.5 gallon tank (cycled and heated) that I would love to use for a single male betta tank. I would love to make it as betta friendly as possible and wanted to ask for any tips/advice? Real plants or fake? How many plants for this small of a tank would be okay and what kind? The lights on this tank are LED so I'm not even sure real plants would do good or not.

    What about those betta leaf sleepers I have head about. Are those worth getting? Do bettas really use them or would it just waste space?

    Also I have heard of people keeping cherry or ghost shrimp. Wouldn't Mr. betta just gobble them up? And lastly is a 5.5 too small for any shrimp? Thanks in advance!

    Here is how I have the tank now. I would love to keep the alligator skull. Anything else can go!


    Here is an example of a tank I found online that I really love. I love nature inspired tanks. Would something like this be okay for Mr. betta? I have a ton of those clay pots laying around. Are they really safe to use?
  2. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    My betta tanks are planted with all sorts, it's where I stash my spare plants. Inexpensive LED strip lighting. There are a couple of varieties of anubias, jungle val, moss balls, duckweed, dwarf sag. Subwassertang. Probably others. There is driftwood. There are shrimp and ramshorn snails. Do shrimplets get eaten? Likely. Never keep any shrimp with fish unless you have enough of them so you won't notice a loss.

    In my male betta's tank, I've just introduced a floating log.

    He looked askance at it for a few days, but yesterday I caught him taking a nap in it. The leaves are a waste. Buy a broad leafed plant instead. At least if it doesn't get used as a resting spot, it will add beauty to the tank.
  3. Fishlover64 Initiate Member

    Thank you! I will probably skip the shrimp and the leaf. I definitely want real plants! And what do you feed your betta? I have regular tropical flake food, algae wafers, baby shrimp, and sinking pellets. I also feed peas here and there to my other fish.

    The floating log sounds really nice! Where did you find yours?
  4. Aquarium Newb Member Member

    To feed betta you can get them special betta pellets or you can feed them flakes. My betta usually ignores her pellets and just goes for the fish flakes ( I have her in a community so the other fish eat her pellets after a few seconds)
  5. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    I feed both of mine floating pellets and a biweekly pea. I haven't quite the expenses lately to afford them treats.

    My first betta, Titan, didn't take to pellets until a few days after, that's all I would put in the tank and remove it in an hour if uneaten.

    It depends on how "all out" you want to go. I love sand because mine love to nestle themselves on the bottom underneath my fake anubias' leaves.
  6. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    I got the floating log off Amazon.

    I feed Omega flakes alternating with a blend of frozen foods: brine shrimp, blood worms, Emerald Entree and Soilent Green. (The exact contents of the blend varies depending on what comes to hand when I'm pulling from the freezer. )
  7. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    I would feed your beta a variety of foods. Brine shrimp, blood worms, pellets, super color(fish flakes), etc. also don't get fake plants because they will tear your betas fins
  8. Fishlover64 Initiate Member

    Thank you, everyone! I greatly appreciate all of the advice! I will remove the fake plants ASAP. I'll have to check out Amazon for the floating log, also.
  9. Fishlover64 Initiate Member

    What plants would everyone suggest?
  10. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Java Moss, Anubias, Crypts, Vals, Amazon Swords (they get tall so you'd be trimming them). Pretty standard beginner plants that don't have a lot of demand.

    I love the jungle look of Vals
  11. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Windelov is a smaller variety of Java Fern that is easy to grow and also interesting with frilly leaf tips!

    Any of the smaller types of Anubias are easy and pretty, too;)

    I also love chain swords, dwarf lilies, Aponogeton, vallisneria, narrowleaf sword...etc:)
  12. Fishlover64 Initiate Member

    Thank you, both! I will write these down and take them with them when I go plant hunting. :)
  13. Grimund Well Known Member Member

  14. Fishlover64 Initiate Member

    Thank you! I love looking at actual photos for inspiration, so this helps a ton!