Help me ID and treat my mbuna's eye

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I have a new Malawi tank (fully cycled, fishless, for 41 days prior to adding fish 2 weeks ago). Today I awoke to find this guy (gal?) had somehow (still can't figure out how) gotten behind my 3d background, with only one of his eyes looking like this. It took me a while, but I managed to net him out with some difficulty, and he seemed ok -- ate with the rest of his mbuna tankmates, acting normal. Just now, only 8 hrs after the incident, I found him back there again!! Arrgh.

Parameters are 0, 0, 10 (just did a 50% water change today after getting the fella out from behind the background) pH stable at 8.0-8.2, 79°F. I haven't tested KH or GH in a while but can do so later, if important to diagnosis.

Does the eye look like disease or injury? And is he trying to escape the main tank because he's stressed or sick? He does not appear bullied. Thanks. I'm about to try to net him out again. I can post more pics too, if that's helpful. Thank you!20200920_201337.jpg
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Looks like the eye isn't cloudy or red.
That's promising. My guess is the Acei suffered an injury.
If so, clean water, good nutrition & time should heal it.
The alternative possibilty is a bacterial infection. Those don't end well.
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