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    Hey guys

    Okay, so... I have been doing extensive research on saltwater aquaria and all its ins and outs. I will still have many more questions, but its time to start planning and figuring out where i wanna go with this. I have wanted a saltwater tank for a long time now by happily i help off, and am still happy to do so further.

    I orginally meant for a 29gallon that i have laying around to be used for a the fowlr tank. I have since been looking around and i reckon i can up that to a 55g with a little more saving and a lot more waiting (unfortunately) but i think it will pay off if i do wait. Any thoights here guys?

    As for these tanks, i need help making this decision. Let me make my intentions clear first:

    1. This will be a FOWLR tank to start
    2. I want to slowly upgrade to a reef
    3. Yes of course i do still need to try skimp money where possible
    4. Skimping will only happen where it can, no makeshift nonsense.
    5. I will be aiming to keep specific fish, so please be patient if it cant be entirely workable.

    Okay, now to me a sump and fuge on a 29g seems a bit overkill, which is why i looked into 55g. Im looking for possible stocking lists for a reef safe 55g tank, as i dont know what exactly i would like. Of course, starting out with more tollerant fish is the idea, and i will agree with you on such. Please dont be afraid to include fish that dont fall into that category though, i would like to look into it for myself.

    My few requests for this list are:

    1. 2 Clownfish (what species do you recommend)
    2. At least one school of fish

    Now as for live rock, what is the extreme differences between the different types? Is it simply one more porous than the next or something else?
    How long does try rock in general take to cure when seeded with wet?

    Thank you in advance, and i hope to find help and guidance here when i need it :)
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    Always go bigger when you can with the starting tank size. Provides more water stability.

    A couple ocelleris clownfish (tank raised) and a small school of green chromis would look nice in a 55 gallon. Upgrade your lights to High Output T5's and you'd be able to keep the clowns with a bubble tip anemone perhaps. Check your local craigslist or similar in your area for used equipment. You usually can get some really good deals that way.

    The more porous the live rock the better because it allows for more biological filtration. Usually takes a couple of weeks to seed dry rock with live (wet) rock. Bump up the temp to about 80F (27C) to speed up the process. Only by testing the water will you know the rock is ready.