Help me get MTS!!!

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    Jason Well Known Member Member

    I need help, I want to get a 40+ galllon tank in my room, but I need help as my parents wont let me.
    They are worried that I'll spill water and stuff up the carpet. So I said I'll get a Python vacuum and now their excuse is that the tank might leak. I said they've got like a 2 year warranty on leakage but they wont listen. Mainly my mum, she thinks its unsafe.

    Help me I even drew up a plan, I'm gonna try and work some magic on Dad, he usually capsizes. Any other suggestions... :-\
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    newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    UUUGGGGG i know how you feel! i have a little 10 gal with fake plants (ugh) and all that beacause thats all i could get!!!!!! i want like a 40 or so gal tank with real plants. and angelfish and kuhli loaches. if i got a bigger tank i would fill it with real plants, angelfish, and kuhli loaches lol
    i love kuhli loaches because they look like snakes ;D
  3. OP

    Jason Well Known Member Member

    LOL! ;)