Help me finish my stocking please

  1. Z

    Zoara42 Valued Member Member

    A couple weeks ago, I upgraded my 10 gal tank to a 60 gal, and pretty much haven't added any more fish. I'm looking for a schooling fish to fill up the empty space. But this is where I'm difficult: since this is basically a Platy tank, I want to stay away from red fish, and ideally I'd like something not too narrow. For example, I love Rummynose Tetras, but for this tanks aesthetics, I think they're too narrow.

    Right now, I have:
    6 platys
    5 dwarf Corys
    1 Bristle nose pleco
    2 amano shrimp

    I know I need to up those numbers, especially the Corys. I was also wondering how many Corys I could have in this tank.

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. W

    Wildside Valued Member Member

    Some rainbowfish maybe? They can get quite large and like to school.
  3. Charles556

    Charles556 Valued Member Member

    If you had larger corys, I would've recommended a bonded pair of Angelfish. Unfortunately, pygmys only get about an inch long, so I think that it'd be unsafe to house the 2 species together.

    You have quite a few options. From my own experience, German Blue Rams, Pearl Gouramis, and African Butterflly Cichlids are peaceful and colorful fish that don't have much red coloration.

    You could also consider Apistogrammas and Bolivian Rams.

    Imagining it my head, I think a small school of 5-6 or more Pearl Gouramis would look really nice in a 60 gal, especially when they get bigger and the males start showing off their breeding colors.
  4. tyguy7760

    tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    I'd do about 15 of those cory. They are little and will get lost in a big tank like that. They'll appreciate the extra buddies too.

    If it were me and I were staying away from red schooling fish I'd do something like a diamond tetra, lemon tetra, White skirt tetra, or pristella tetra. Something like 10-14 would look really nice.

    I'd also throw in a pair of keyholes for a centerpiece. That would make for a very pretty and peaceful tank.