Help Me Decide - 40 Gallon Stocking Options

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    Hi all. I have a cycled 40 gallon breeder, heavily planted, which currently has one kribensis and 6 harlequin rasboras. I'd like a stocking scheme that's visually appealing and interesting. I've done a lot of thinking and have come up with these 2 options:

    1) Increase the harlequin school to about 15, add three honey gouramis, and keep the krib.

    I like this option because it should be peaceful and attractive, but I'm concerned that it may not be very interesting.

    2) Add 9 green tiger barbs, maybe 3 more harlequins, and keep the krib.

    I like this option because, as I picture it in my head, the colors of the green barbs and harlequins would look nice together. My wife and I prefer green tigers over regular and albino, but the green ones do not stand out against the plants as much as the others. Another drawback is that the barbs would limit future stocking options. I do have an available 20L tank that I could use for the harlequins if the tigers were to get too aggressive in this option.

    Any thoughts on the above? Which option do you prefer?


    Parameters: pH = 7.2, ammonia = 0, nitrites = 0, nitrates = 10
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    I don't like multiple schooling species in a aquarium. The multiple species are distracting from the other. I say go with option one.