Help Me Choose The Type Of Betta To Get?

  1. Chlorophyll.And.Light

    Chlorophyll.And.Light Initiate Member

    Dear Everyone Here!,

    Sorry about that last message. I'm confused about how this forum works. Hi, again I'm new to this forum but not to fishkeeping. I have a spare (already cycled) Fluval Spec III. My question is... Can you guys help me decide what type of bettas I should choose? Right now the bettas I have are Halfmoon Plakets, and Halfmoons. What else should I get for the III?

  2. R

    RyanLewis Member Member

    I would personally do a wild type Betts like imbellis, I always thought they were pretty cool
  3. OP

    Chlorophyll.And.Light Initiate Member

    Huh, I forgot those existed xD. Anyway thanks! I'll look into that fish type.
  4. F

    Fish-whisper Member Member

    Good one, they are nice !
  5. jl_1005

    jl_1005 Member Member

    Dumbo :)