Help Me Choose My 75 Gallon Stock!

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Dycofree, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Dycofree

    DycofreeWell Known MemberMember

    Hey guys! Ill be setting up my 75 gallon in a few days now and Ive finally narrowed down my stock options to a solid 3. Ive been wrestling with all the options for a few months now and feel I have a solid three to choose from. Ill list the 3 below, please let me know which you guys like best/you think will work out best. Thank you!

    Ps: Tank will have Marineland 350b and Fluval 406 Canister on it.

    Option 1:

    8 Denison Barbs
    3 Eletric Blue Acara (1 male to 2 female)
    4 Bolivian Rams ( 1 male to 3 female)
    10 Cory Cats (Havent decided what kind yet)
    1 Pleco (Probably Bristlenose)

    The Electric Blue Acaras usually require a higher temp than the Denison and Bolivians, however I have researched this tirelessly and have seen multiple success stories of keeping them at 72-74.

    Option 2:

    4 Geophagus Red Head Tapajos (1 male to 3 female)
    15-20 Dither Tetras
    1 Pleco

    Option 3:
    6 Firemouth (2 male to 4 female)
    20 Schooling dithers
    2 Plecos

    I know some will be quick to say with this option that firemouths do best in pairs but I have been reading A TON of articles and information out there and have found that Thoricythys thrive in groups when you get the ratio/number correct.

    If you guys do choose optio 2/3, feel free to suggest what schooling dither to get! Thank you!
  2. EmmyFish

    EmmyFishValued MemberMember

    I'd personally probably throw a LOT of platy in a 75. :emoji_fish:Their the best darn fish I have ever had. (Other than Sir Philip the Betta, but don't tell him that. Don't need him developing a big ego).
  3. kayla.s

    kayla.sWell Known MemberMember

    Honestly option 1 sounds like the most fun, IMO :)

  4. Fashooga

    FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    Option 2. Those tapojos are beautiful.

  5. OP

    DycofreeWell Known MemberMember

    Awesome, keep em coming! Thanks for your opinions guys!
  6. C_mats54

    C_mats54Valued MemberMember

    I think option 1 would be a really nice community tank, and I'd recommend sterbai cories, they get a little larger than most other cories so they won't be lost on the bottom of your tank, and they can handle the lower temperature range that the rams require!
  7. OP

    DycofreeWell Known MemberMember

    Awesome, thank you!

    I agree!
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  8. DiscusluvWell Known MemberMember

    I am going to be setting up a geophagus tank here pretty soon so I am certainly biased towards the tapajos! That would be my recommendation! :)
  9. OP

    DycofreeWell Known MemberMember

    How do you think theyd do in a 75? Worried Id cram them a little too much. What kind of Geos are you doing and in what tank? They really are beautiful fish, and by far my favorite if not for the limiting space
  10. DiscusluvWell Known MemberMember

    I think four would be fine with dithers. I wouldn't do a pleco though.
  11. Lance0414

    Lance0414Well Known MemberMember

    Sterbais need high temps while the Bolivian Rams need low temp. I would do(and am doing with my Bolivian Rams and EBA + BN Pleco) Bronze Cories, I keep the temp at 76'F. I like option 1 and 2 the most.
  12. tyguy7760

    tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    Personally I would do 2 or 3. As for dithers I'd go with something hardy and wide bodied like emporer tetras, lemon tetras, or diamonds. Rainbowfish like praecox would also be an option if you want a large number. Though if you made me choose I'd probably pick the geos. Though if you were open to doing thorichthys pasiones or ellioti or aureus i may change my mind.

    I think there is enough overlap between bolivians and sterbais to be fine though

    If you decided to do the geos, I'd probably go with some cory cats as well but only if you wanted them. Not a must. If you wanted a bottom dweller for the firemouths I'd go with something a little larger and more armored like a raphael cat, a few hoplo cats, or maybe a lace synodontis.
  13. C_mats54

    C_mats54Valued MemberMember

    Couldn't sterbai's also be kept at 76 degrees though?
  14. Lance0414

    Lance0414Well Known MemberMember

    Yes but they are best at 78-80.
  15. tyguy7760

    tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    I think we are splitting hairs here on the temp requirements. sterbais have a lower range of 75 so bumping that up a degree or 2 puts you at 76-77 as the lowest. Bolivians are good up to 79 so bumping that down a degree or two is at 77-78. I think it's doable. Just my opinion though


  16. C_mats54

    C_mats54Valued MemberMember

    My original thoughts on the range exactly lol!
  17. OP

    DycofreeWell Known MemberMember

    Man I really want to pull the trigger on the geos. Tough call. The community setup i listed I really like as well. Too many tough calls lol
  18. Lance0414

    Lance0414Well Known MemberMember

    I think i would do the geos as i have never owned them.
  19. OP

    DycofreeWell Known MemberMember

    Cmon Ty what do you have against communities lol. I chose firemouths over the other Thoricthys because of their local availability. I could get more for less than half the cost. I like their look as well, so its a no brainer for a college kid lol.

    Ive just seen so many posts preaching a 6' tank as a minimum for them
  20. tyguy7760

    tyguy7760Fishlore VIPMember

    I'm not against communities, I'm just not a big fan of the fish you've chosen for 1. That's completely personal preference too. Not that you've picked bad fish. In fact, I'd prefer to do a large group of bolivians than bolivians and eb acaras. Or a mix of bolivians and another geophagus like bandits or one of the other dwarf acaras like dorsigeras.

    eb acaras can be a bit tricky picking a good temp. They are a man made hybrid fish between a blue acara and a elecric blue ram where i believe they strip the sperm from the eb ram and fertilize the blue acaras eggs with it. I might have that backwards though. Anyways, blue rams require waters in the 80+ range while blue acaras seem to like waters a bit cooler than that (though I question this because they are also found close to the orinoco but again I'm not familiar with the geography so it's possible they come from cooler water systems). But knowing they are part blue ram would lead me to keeping them in the high 70's at least. Again though, that's just my opinion and not one based in evidence as they aren't a species I've researched heavily.

    One thing you have to consider is many times reading forums and seeing a person say "oh i'm keeping blah blah blah species at blah blah blah temp and they are fine" you really don't know and neither do they if the fish are truly fine. We all fall victim to it and many times forums are the only place to get information on species when you are looking online. So we have to take what we can get. But I'm always hesitant when seeing someone on a forum say "Oh I keep this fish this way" and it goes against accepted knowledge or it goes against available evidence...unless it's someone like chromedome on this forum, or hampalong who used to be here, or someone like duanes, stanzz, or gourami swami over on MFK. These guys have forgotten more facts about fish than i currently know probably.

    But if it were me, I'd pick a fish I know the bolivians would do well with. Or pick a fish I think the eb acaras would do well with. These two species in general I think are a little too different for me and to combine them in a stock I would enjoy. But that's largely personal preference...and you asked what the personal preference was...and it's 2 or 3 :)

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