Help me choose a sump pump Question

  1. delta5

    delta5 Well Known Member Member

    Okay, so I have a 55g, but lets assume its 75g. I already have a 20g long that I want to use as the sump.

    Assuming 4ft max lift height, what pump should I get that will be near silent and not break the bank?
  2. Rivieraneo

    Rivieraneo Moderator Moderator Member

  3. tmills

    tmills New Member Member

    I use Lifeguard Aquatics Quite One series reasonable price good reviews and they are very quite, I have two of them one 400gph the other 800+gph.
  4. TheCoolFish

    TheCoolFish Valued Member Member

    I just have one Petco made one that does like 350 gph it does the trick

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