Help me aquascape!

  1. Pringlethesnail Well Known Member Member

    Okay so I am willing to rearrange this any way anyone suggests! I want it to look natural. So in here I have
    -black sand
    -3 moss balls
    -two mopani driftwood gnarls
    -long driftwood (could be cut)
    -rock pathways (depth?)
    -rock wall
    -Asian water fern
    -plant unknown
    So also necessary is I have a fake Betta plant stuck sideways on my tank and a floating Betta log in the far corner away from the filter and that has to stay there because my Betta sleeps in the sideways plant and the log and uses these things to keep the filter from stealing his bubble nest. Besides those two things I want a beautiful natural looking tank. I want more plants so any easy low maintenance plants that I can get from petco I will get. Bonus points if you draw me a picture so I can visualize what you're saying. I will take suggestions for other things too but nothing expensive. Keep in mind I can cut the long thin driftwood but I want it angled with one part on the ground because the snails climb it and snack on it. I'm seriously open to anything though. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    The plants in front of the rock pile and between the two driftwood gnarls appears to be Windelov Java Fern. It shouldn't be planted but instead needs to be tied to something until it grows "roots" to hold on itself. I would recommend uprooting those plants and tying them to the long stick. Maybe move the stick back a bit, at least on the left so that the left end is resting in the rocks. Then add some tall plants for the background, I like corkscrew vallisneria myself;)

    Other than that, looks great!
  3. Pringlethesnail Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! I had no idea about the plants! How do I attach them? Rubber band?
  4. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    You can, but black cotton thread looks nicer;) You can also use super glue which has the advantage of being completely invisible if you do it right, but I never could do it right:rolleyes:

    Just use black cotton thread. It's hard to see when it's there and it will rot away eventually so you don't have to cut it out, by which point your plants should have attached themselves to the wood!
  5. Mwh7 Member Member

    Is your rock wall all hooked together or can the rocks be separated?


    Well regardless If the rocks can be taken apart, this is what I'd do.
  6. Pringlethesnail Well Known Member Member

    Thank you!!!
  7. Mwh7 Member Member

    You're welcome! Post a picture of your tank when you rearrange! I wanna see what you figured out