Help--Lump on Fish--What Can I do????


I noticed that one of my large zebra danios has developed a large red-colored bump on its' side. The bump sticks outs noticeably. I have also noticed that his eye seems to be somewhat inflammed. Does anyone have an idea as to what type of sickness/disease the fish has and what can I do to treat him. I've noticed that he acts lethargic and doesn't swim as fast as he used to with the other danios. I really don't want to lose this fish or see it suffer.

Can anyone give me some good advice here, including where I can buy the medicine I'm sure the fish will need????


If it's a swelling, it could be either an internal tumor or Dropsy. I don't really know how to treat Dropsy as I have myself lost one fish because of this disease. It kills fast. If you're 100% sure it is dropsy, you can use Epsom salt treatment. Here is more info about Epsom salt treatment: (read the entire thread - this way you'll know better what to do). If your fish doesn't have dropsy, disregard this thread.


Can you get a picture?


Come to this link. I think they are lesions on him. Scroll down to where it say's Focal red or white lesions on the body
. It say's what it is, but it doesn't say how to get rid of it. Sorry about that. Atleast, you may know what it is and could find out how to get rid of it. It could also be this. From this link also. A little further down. Growths on skin / fins.

Hope this helps. Natalie

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