Help, Longsnout Distichodus Keeps Dying

  1. Congokid Initiate Member

    We keep buying Longsnout Distichodus (Distichodus Lussoso)from a local fisherman here in congo, but within a couple hours they develop a skin disease and are dead within twelve hours after that. the fisherman brings them directly from the river. DSCN1430 (2).JPG
  2. Ed204 Fishlore VIP Member

  3. Congokid Initiate Member

    Before I answer, I must explain that I live in a small village only about a thirty minute walk from one side to the other and the closest city is a 24+ hour drive if we had a car, and even if we could get to the city a water testing kit probably would cost 100+ USD (A ten gallon tank costs 300+ USD). Now that that's out of the way, I don't know what the parameters are but they should be similar because the water comes from the same source, and the all the other fish we have from the same river are fine, I think it is more likely that they get stressed when caught.
  4. Danjamesdixon Well Known Member Member

    Does this "skin disease" look anything like a red rash?
  5. Congokid Initiate Member

    No it doesn't look like red rash, the early stages look like a bit of fuzz on the side of the fish, then it grows out in tell the infected place looks like its growing white stringy algae.
  6. Danjamesdixon Well Known Member Member

    Could be Saprolegnia. Have you got any photos?
  7. Congokid Initiate Member

    The picture on my first post is of one of the diseased fish, were the color is duller is were it was growing, other than that photo I don't have any pictures.
  8. Danjamesdixon Well Known Member Member

    Honestly, without your basic parameters, or a photo of the later stages of ailment; there isn't anything we can really do.

    The more information you can give the better - tank size, stocking, how long it's been running, temperature, Nitrogen Cycle status, maintenance schedule, etc...