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    Ok so we have had glo fish for over a month and they have done great. A moth landed in there 5 gallon fish tank and died. We didn't find it for a few days, it was sucked into the filter. Today we found fish have ick, and we have lost 1 fish. We have one larger tetra that appears to be dying. It's laying at the bottom of the tank. We treated tank with aquarium
    Salt, changed over 50 % of the water and added a treatment for water that has aloe in it. What else should wedo?
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    Let's start with a few questions: How big is the tank? What are the water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate)? Aside from the moth, have you made any other changes to the tank? What is your water change schedule?

    Answer those for me and it'll give us a place to start. I really doubt one dead moth is the reason your fish got ICH. ICH is really common in stores and I'm sure that's how the fish got it, it just didn't show up until now. The absolute best treatment for 99% of ICH strains is heat. Gradually raise the temperature in the tank to around 86 degrees, possibly a bit lower for the fish you keep, and leave it there. It'll make the ICH fall off the fish faster. Then do daily water changes and vacuum the gravel to remove the spores. Leave the temp high and keep up this routine for at least two weeks after the last visible ICH spore is gone from your fish.
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    I agree with June absolutely in that there is no way that a moth is going to transmit ich to your fish.
    At the boundaries of belief, a moth might possibly transmit a brief appearance of ich, in that butterflies and moths have wings covered with tiny, easily displaced scales, that if randomly attached to a fish might briefly look like ich, but the odds against that are basically the same as the odds against the Leafs winning a Stanley Cup anytime soon (i.e., within my lifetime).
    So, as June says, treat for ich and forget the moth:).
    Best, rick

    Have not seen you about of late, June, very nice to read your posts again-rick