Help. Is this driftwood safe?


I’ve had a really bad start with our fish tank so apologies, a bit paranoid now about introducing anything new to the tank. Gone through nitrogen cycle and remaining tetras seem happy. We also have a clown striped pleco. Will slowly add more tetras but I would like to add driftwood (Malaysian) and an Anubias plant for our clown striped pleco. He spends the day hiding under the artificial coral so not sure how much of the existing driftwood he is eating.
I attach a picture of some supposed Rosewood Malaysian driftwood I bought off Amazon. The seller did have some really good reviews. My piece splintered a lot. I’m soaking it in dechlorinated water and will boil it before it goes into the tank. I’m a bit paranoid about putting it in the tank. It seems soft and sharp splintered edges. Any thoughts? Cannot buy Malaysian driftwood from any local fish shops. Photo attached. Many thanks.

Rick bose

That looks like bogwood. They are completely safe and actually does the same benefits a driftwood would do. They are widely used in aquariums too just like driftwood. Longevity of bogwoods are more too than driftwood. But before putting it into fish tank you should thoroughly clean it first. Leaving it in empty water for some days and then boiling it will ensure its safety. If you don't want tannins to be added to your tank, then thoroughly wash it after boiling and then put it in fish tank.

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