Help! Is Something Wrong With My Fish??

Discussion in 'Rainbowfish' started by TheDojoMojo, Jul 4, 2019.

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    So i had a boesmani rainbow fish and a golden gourami with some other stuff as well in my large 55 gallon tank and then i traded in the gourami for two females gold gouramis and i bought some more rainbows to be with the old one.
    Since then my rainbow has suddenly gone mad. The gouramis are not showing any aggression towards him or the other fish or each other but this rainbow will not stop following them around and pushing against their sides. He isn't necessarily chasing them but he's just slowly following them or circling them and then he'll push against their sides or suddenly pounce and bite at them.
    This is sooo weird bc in all my experience with rainbows they have been super peaceful and even this one I've had for like 6 months ad hasn't acted oddly against my old gourami either. Also, he keeps twitching his head back and forth rapidly and whenever he's not harassing my gouramis he's just darting around the tank with no chill at all. Anyway the Gouramis are just being chill and the rainbow will just start harassing them and they will try and back away but sometime they'll snap back to defend themselves.

    This goes on non stop and the rainbow doesn't seem to be significantly beating up to gouramis but whenever they snap back or try to get him away they are beating him up a little bit. And this is so weird bc even though the rainbow is all beat up, he will not leave the gouramis alone! He keeps on harassing them and seems unphased that he's in bad condition.
    Anyway the gouramis aren't chasing him or showing any inciting aggression towards him they are just trying to get him away and are snapping at him. I think something is wrong with this rainbow he's just acting possessed.

    Do you guys know what might be up? Is there anything I can do? Is he sick or something or is he just weird and insane. This all keeps me wondering bc rainbows are usually super peaceful. Thanks
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    fish generally mate with their own, but there have been known to be some cross breeding in the wild or even in aquariums. perhaps the 2 new female gourami's are giving off pheromones and making him go wild.

    you can test this theory by moving the 2 females to another tank or container and doing a very large water change (to remove the pheromones) in the current tank and see how he behaves during the next few days.