help is my snail dead?

Discussion in 'Snails' started by kaitlin4599, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. kaitlin4599Valued MemberMember

    ok so i bought a yellow mystery snail from petsmart about a week ago i had them test the water for me before buying him and they did a liquid test and said all my water parameters were in the green. he was fine all week till this morning when i noticed his yellow shell was darker then it used to be so i dropped him in a tetra algae sinking wafer disk thingy and took a nap. after getting up from the nap the snail is in his shell and he hasnt moved in the past hour idk what to do and im out of water testing stuff how do i know hes dead and how long should i wait before returning him to petsmart via there 14 day garuntee

    update he is slowly moving right now hes on the algae wafer disk looks like hes eating slowly so idk
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  2. Bijou88Well Known MemberMember

    Like all living things, snails sleep. Usually either tucked into their shell on the bottom or tucked in stuck to the glass, nothing to worry about. As long as it's trap door is closed when it's on the bottom it's for sure alive. Though if they're unhappy with the water quality they'll sometimes hang half in/half out of their shells while still being alive. They'll often sleep for hours or even days on occasion, unless it doesn't move for more than a couple days I wouldn't be concerned (for future reference)

    To add, mine always go to sleep after a big meal.
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  3. kaitlin4599Valued MemberMember

    ya i think he was asleep hes moving now albiet a lil slowly he was prolly tired after eating
  4. Leigh MuckeyNew MemberMember

    In the future,the best surefire way to determine if your snail is dead is to smell it. If he's dead... you'll know :)

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