Help Interpet Anti Fungus & Finrot+

  1. Shanice.Naomi Initiate Member

    So I've brought this as my fish has finrot :( I've just done the dose as followed by the direction but it's told me to remove the carbon pad so I have but it doesn't tell me when I can put the carbon pad back into the filter. All it says is " when dosing is complete carbon and zeolite filter media can be returned to tank" does this mean after I've put the medicine in the water I can put pad back in? I'm so confused
    I will post the instructions. CAN anyone let me know if you've used this product PLEASEEEEE

  2. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    Leave the carbon while treating the tank. It says that to treat it once every 7 days. So leave the carbon out for that time. If the fish isn't cured after the first 7 days, do a water change and put the carbon back in overnight and retreat. Repeat as needed. While treating the tank make sure your filter has some sort of sponge. Carbon removes chemicals, while aquarium sponge does not.
  3. Shanice.Naomi Initiate Member

    Thank you, you've made it sound so much easier then the instructions
  4. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    you're welcome