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  1. Cyndi Warren Member Member

    Thanks! I will get back to you on this as soon as I can. :)
  2. Cyndi Warren Member Member

    In doing some reading, I learned that rabbit snails can hurt themselves on gravel. Sometimes they get turned over and can't right themselves or worse. In learning to take care of abu, I am switching to sand. In addition, since I love plants, and have wanted a planted tank, I also bought plant substrate.

    The floramax bag says it has a lot of minerals in it. It does not mention copper but I want to be sure. I posted in the tank equipment forum, too, but I thought I'd ask here since you are are so familiar with inverts. Thanks!!
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    I didn't know that about rabbit snails!
    I know some fish absolutley need sand or super-dooper tiny sand-like gravel because of their barbels (think: cories)..... and I know MTS prefer sand, but can live in polished pebble substrated (read: no sharp edges)..... BUT I didn't know this bit of info about the rabbit snails. Definitley good to know!

    I've never used floramax so I have no input on that :(
    Some of my tanks are polished pebble substrate.... and some of them are super tiny gravel that is just slightly larger than sand (thou the bag actually says 'sand').