Help Identifying Tank Plants

Discussion in 'Plant ID' started by purplesack, Apr 14, 2019.

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    I'm not very familiar with those plants... they are either the emersed form or you got exclusively terrestrial plants from petsmart.

    Most plants are grown emersed, meaning that only the roots and substrate are submerged in water. This is to maintain proper CO2 levels for quick growth to keep up with demands. Most plants in the hobby will undergo a transition when adjusting to your tank (different parameters, and/or transitioning to submersed form), which may appear like it's dying sometimes. Old leaves will die off or be reabsorbed by the plant to create new leaves that may appear slightly different. Just give your plants at least a month to go through this process, try not to move them around.

    I think the plant on the right with the rounded leaves might be some kind of sword plant. The leaves will transition into an elongated more slender form over time. Those plants are usually a heavy root feeder and will do best with some root tabs if you can go pick some up.
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    The right hand front is a sword, most likely a melon or rosette. The ones in the back right look to be cardinal plants (they sometimes are very finicky). The grass like plant right in front of the left side of the driftwood is mondo grass, which is not fully aquatic and most likely will die off, the stems in the back left look like a type of bacopa.
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    The red stuff could be scarlet temple or reneiki. The stuff at my local Petsmart is grown emersed with little flowers on the leaf nodes. It didn't transition for me, but it needs to be spread out a bit if it's gonna have a chance. Make sure light gets drown in between the stems to the lower leaves
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