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Hi! My brother and I were cleaning our 100 litre (20 gallon?) Aquaone 60 tank and we found two baby fish swimming round the back of the tank. I made them a little fry box so they wouldn't be eaten by the bigger fish in the tank but we're having trouble identifying them. We have 7 dwarf neon rainbow fish, one female platy (her buddies sadly based away), three angelfish (two females and one male) and a few cory catfish.
We think they may be platy babies but she doesn't have a mate and if she's been storing sperm then she's been storing it for a while.
Could anyone help us identify them please? (picture included)


Platy. Since you only have two the rest likely got eaten.

Your angels need a bigger tank as once they are mature they will turn on each other and possibly the other fish in the space (one of the females and the male will pair up), if they are over two inches they are able to breed, if they are smaller then you cannot say they are definitely male or female.
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Thanks so much for the reply! We are looking to move the angels into a bigger tank as we have a breeding pair already. How should we care for the fry? We are going to get some liquifry tomorrow, will that suffice? This is our platy at the moment, we're not sure if she is still pregnant or just fat.

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