Help identify illness please.

  1. kaystar Member Member

    I woke up this morning to find one of my male guppys not looking to well. His tail is drooping and there is some whiteness on it. I have attached some photos they are not to clear but you can see his droopyness. Is this fin rot? I have done some water tests and all is as it should be. He is in the birthing tub at the moment just incase.


  2. iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    Are your readings: Ammonia-0, NitrIte-0, NitrAte-5 to 20? I'm concerned that the test strips are giving inaccurate readings....

    He definitely looks clamped and droopy, which is a sign of stress. Have you seen him poop recently? What size is the tank? Over crowding can cause stress, so can another aggressive male; have you seen anyone picking on him? Your tank info says only 1 male, but I see another male in the background of the first pic.

    Could you please update your tank info. - it'll help us identify potential cause. These are just guesses without more info. :-\

    I hope everything is going to be okay! We're gonna help as much as possible.
  3. kaystar Member Member

    I put in another male guppy on Thursday night, ammonia is 0 nitrite 0 and notrate is 10. He is pooping now aswell, i havent seen the other guppy picking on him, they swim together somtimes. I will leave im in the breading tub overnight to let him have some space. Thank you for the ast reply :) x
  4. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    it very well could be the leftover effects of nitrate poisioning you had in october....are you still using the test strips though? thats an important question to answer....he doesnt look picked on and looks like it still could be a water issue :( id look really hard for some prime water conditioner and do a couple weeks of water changes to be safe!

    hope he does better soon!!!!!!
  5. kaystar Member Member

    Yes i am still using them I only have a few left so will be buying new ones soon. Wouldnt water changes stress him out more by changing the water that often? I use API Tap Water Conditioner, API Stress Coat and King British safe Water.

    Should i get some King British Disease Clear fish water treatment just incase?
  6. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    so the readings you are getting, cant be relied on :( without a reliable kit, id assume its his water...

    did you ever find out if the king british disease clear does what prime does? prime will detox ammonia/nitrites for 24 hours to keep the fish safe with each water change....NO changing the water daily wont stress will help him a ton if its containing ammonia/nitrites...and nitrates are best kept under 20..when you had the 50 nitrates in october, it could be effects from that or maybe the ammonia/nitrites are back up but the strips arent letting you know this :( I hope he perks up !!!!
  7. kaystar Member Member

    Ok, i will got and get a better testing kit tomorrow. What do you recommend? I will go by what the new test kits reads. If they are the same what should i do, just water changes?


    King British Disease Clear fish water treatment - Bacterial infections such as fin rot, tail rot, mouth rot, gill rot and ulcers can result from a number of causes including poor water quality, bullying or fin-nipping by other fish. Fungal attacks usually follow some other health problem such as a parasitic attack, injury or bacterial infection.

    Disease Clear is a broad spectrum treatment that controls harmful external bacterial infections and prevents secondary infection of damaged tissues. It also promotes rapid healing of damaged fins.
  8. kaystar Member Member

    He is looking worse already. He is bearly moving and his tail looks whiter. Is there anything i can do for him tonight?
  9. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    how about a small water change with your kings? see if maybe you can put him in a breeder net to keep him safe? Im sending gooood fishy vibes!
  10. kaystar Member Member

    10% is ok? If so i will get started now, its their bedtime soon :) ty for all your help :) Also he is in his little breeder box :)
  11. kaystar Member Member

    Ok, i did a 10/15% water change, I hope that is enough. Im not going to feed them tonight, I will just turn off the light. Hope he is better in the morning :)
  12. kaystar Member Member

    Good morning all, Niles is still with us :) He doesnt look any better though. He has lost all his colour in his tail now and it looks like its getting jagged around the edges. Hes not as droopy as he was aswell. Im thinking its Fin Rot? Ive read that its best to get pure Fin Rot medicine that has copper based in it (and it turns the water green)? or should I get one that reats Fin Rot and others?
  13. kaystar Member Member

    Sadley Niles died not long ago :( he is in the garden with Frasier and tac now. I do think it was Fin Rot he had and bought some treatment today. I will continue to treat the other fish just incase. Thank you for all your help :) x
  14. click Well Known Member Member

    I'm sorry Niles passed away. hugs:;group
  15. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    oh no!!!!!! im so sorry you lost your niles!!! enjoy frasier and tac!

    but fin rot will NOT kill a fish that fast...and fin rot is only deadly when its black and all fins are gone and up to their body with the rot....turning white is more of a case of others picking on him while he as sick and just floating ..and it could be the water .....I hope you get a good test kit and find out whats going on..I would NOT treat the other fish with meds as I doubt thats what killed your boy ....good luck!
  16. iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    :( I'm sorry you lost Niles.

    Edit: And I agree with Shawnie. Fin rot is not not deadly on fin tips, but a symptom of other issues in the tank. :-\
  17. kaystar Member Member

    ty for your kind words, His tail went all white and the tips were all jagged and some was comming off. He also lost controll of his left side, so he was just using his right side, was very sad to see :'( is this a sign of anything though? Can fish have strokes?
  18. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    .once he succumbed to the water issues, he couldnt swim or be mobile and im sure the other fish picked on him badly :(