Help ID this hitchhiker


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I am not a snail guy. With the exception of assassin snails to get rid of snails I don’t keep snails.

This is my ten gallon tank. I used to use it as a grow out tank for BN pleco fry. I haven’t been using it for this purpose for a while, so it seems to have become a plant nursery and I have thrown in some neons and shrimp in for good measure. Particular LFS, whenever I buy anything from them it seems a snail hitches a long for the ride unnoticed. I don’t know my snails at all. Can someone tell me what this is.


Is it a pest snail? Should I get him out of there before I have hundreds of the critters? He has been in there a month and I have kind of taken a liking to him, so long as he is not going to mass produce. Thank for the help.


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It's a ramshorn snail, they're pretty cool and will come in different colors, considered pest but one of my favorites. Help with the maintenance of the ecosystem. As long as you don't overfeed, shouldn't be a problem. It will breed for sure. But if you don't overfeed much, some of them will just die off


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It looks kind of like a pest snail, although i'm not sure what kind. You could keep it but if it starts reproducing I would remove it.


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Just so you know, it's not the snail that hitches a ride, but the snail eggs. I'd say 90%+ of fish stores have snail eggs on their plants. Having snails is pretty much just part of keeping a planted tank; once they are there, it's super hard to be completely rid of them.

That being said, it's definitely a ramshorn snail. They aren't super fast eaters, and they're also sold in a large number of fish stores. If you don't like them then get an assassin, but many people like the way they look (myself included). My current tank's plants came with ramshorn eggs and I'm happy to keep them eating the algae and roaming around the tank. Just cull some of the young ones when/if the populations gets too high for your liking.

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