Help- Ich has come back in main tank

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by annewaldron, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. annewaldronValued MemberMember

    OK, I give up. Ich spots back on all 3 rainbowfish today after 2 days spot-free. Temp still at 87 degrees, and has been elevated since 12/19. The only change in the tank was the weekly 50% water change last night. (Made sure to keep the WC water temp elevated). Could I have stirred something up with the vacuum?

    So what next? I already have fish in the QT with Coppersafe/Maracyn 2 so I can't move snails/shrimp over there to dose the main tank with meds.

    30 gal planted
    Espei rasboras
    Amano shrimp
    Nerite snails

    What next?
  2. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    Hmmm, that's really strange. I would try kicking it up to 90, and if that didn't work I would dose with quick cure - after the temp is back to normal. Maybe someone else has a better idea.
  3. annewaldronValued MemberMember

    Is quick cure ok for snails, shrimp, otos?

    I'm headed out of town unexpectedly tonight so I hope they can hold tight 'til Sunday. :(
  4. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    I've used it with corys and trumpet snails, full strength with no adverse effects.
  5. ButterbeanValued MemberMember

    I had to use Quick Cure awhile back I have snails, corys & BN so I used a 1/2 dose (30gal tank 15 drops instead of 30) I didn't loose anything but the ich it worked great.
  6. cbowlincatfishValued MemberMember

    Turn the heat to 88 and go ahead and get ich med, I have rainbows, the first time I got them the had ich a few days later which is caused by stress, which can come from to many new fish at once or to much of and to soon of a water change. I tried every remedy possible til I finally broke down and got the med. There are several brands, please check for safety of your species and remove all filters and carbon from filtration before using. Hope this helped and good luck.
  7. ButterbeanValued MemberMember

    Be sure to check the instructions most Ich meds you are not suppose to raise the tank temp with. I'm pretty sure that you don't raise it with Quick Cure. The med plus the high temp can be hard on your fish.
  8. annewaldronValued MemberMember

    I've been doing the super-thorough vacuums once per week to get rid of the Ich crud that falls to the floor, which equals a significant water change (usually about 60%). So perhaps this isn't the way to go for the delicate little rainbowfish?
  9. ReefdwellerValued MemberMember

    Okay, this is going to sound a bit strange but it does work. If you have tried everything you know to try. Take each fish in your hand and just stroke the body of the fish gently with your finger. The ich will slide right off thier bodies. Just give them a rub down and get all that ich off of them. Keep a little bowl of water close by. After each rub dip your fingers in the clean water and clean your fingers then do it again until you can not see any ich on thier body. Do each one of the fish, then place them back in QT. I know this sounds strange but I have done this before with a SW setup I had and it worked. I never have ich again. It is for sure worth a try and if anything you are removing the crystals of ich out of the water so the medicine has to work that much less to rid the bad bugs.
  10. Meeps83Well Known MemberMember

    That's rough. I know some strains are more resistant to raised temps and even to meds. I had one of those strains last year and it took over a month just for the spots to go away. I'd keep the temp raised and deep vac different parts of the tank each time you do a wc that way you aren't taking out too much water at a time. So for instance, on day one deep vac the left 1/3 of the tank. Then wait two or three days and deep vac the middle 1/3 of the tank and so on. I've read that some people even increase their temps to 90 to get rid of the ich. Also you could try a methylene blue dip on each fish individually. I haven't done this but I've read that it could help. Good luck!
  11. cbowlincatfishValued MemberMember

    If I remember correctly, Ich cure is a liquid, the stuff I got was an expensive powder. I bought this because of my frog, had to make sure he was safe.