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Help I think my new platys are sick

Discussion in 'Platy' started by red020804, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. red020804 Valued Member Member

    I just added 3 platys to my my 20 gallon tank on Thanksgiving. 2 females and 1 baby male. I got them from my husbands aunt. She has been hounding us to take the fish for months. She has a huge tank(not sure what size) full of them. Like 40 to 50 of them. She said they are always having babies. I told her I didn't want to take them yet because we are having nitrate issues in our tank. Well we saw them at thanksgiving. It was at her house this year. So we ended up getting some before we left. I warned her they were probably gonna die in our tank but all she said was well if they die come get more. So anyway since having them I notice that they aren't pooping very much. When they do it's clear and white and stringy. Physically they look great. Plenty of energy. Fins aren't clamped. Now the females are big. Most likely pregnant. Sometimes they hide and lay around but they still swim a lot too. Only one female is eating when given food. The other will eat if it goes past her but she doesn't seem interested. All 3 platys are rubbing their stomachs on the tubes in the tank. Also on the filter and the plastic breeder box that's in the tank. Now a few months ago we had a female Molly that started getting big with the same kind of poop and rubbing her stomach on the tubes. She died when my husband squeezed her stomach he said it was hard as a rock. Anybody know what might be going on with my platys? We also have 3 tetras and a sucker fish they all seem just fine even when all our other fish died(mollies)

  2. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    How long has your tank been running? When you say Nitrates issues, is your tank fully cycled?

    It's hard to say exactly what may be the problem but if they are pregnant, that may be a normal sign for them. Hopefully someone else can chime in with answers to your question s but in the meantime, what are your water parameters?

    Do you have access to another tank to quarantine the new fish? I know you got them from a trusted person but if they have parasites, you don't want the new fish to infect your entire tank.

  3. red020804 Valued Member Member

    The tank has been running since Dec 2010.
    As far being cycled I would think but don't know.
    Perimeters: Ammonia-0-.25, nitrite-0, nitrates-80-160, ph-don't know, temp-80 degrees F.
    No don't have another tank for quarantine.

  4. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

  5. red020804 Valued Member Member

    Not same issue I'm asking about about my platys here not how to fix the nitrates
  6. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Well I can definitely see that your high nitrates here can be the cause of the problems with the platy's. Anything over 40ppm is really high.

    I would suggest doing at least a 50% water change daily and if you have Seachem prime, use the dosage for your tank to get the levels in an acceptable range.

    What are you using to test with? Test strips? Liquid test kit?
  7. red020804 Valued Member Member

    If you check the other thread that was posted you'll find that out. I don't want to get in trouble talking about nitrates in this thread.
    So you think it might be the nitrates causing the symptoms and not worms or something?
  8. Donnerjay Well Known Member Member


    Platies are fun fish. I have four; they are all the sunburst (orange) variety. You can see a picture of two of them in my avatar.

    Just like any other fish, they need certain basic things to thrive. Most important of all is healthy water. After all they live in it!

    It is good that you have some readings of your water. The readings show that the water is unhealthy. The good news is you can fix it. When you fix the water your fish should start to feel better. They might have some other problem, like maybe infection or parasite. But fixing the water is the first thing.

    The readings show ammonia in addition to nitrate. Ammonia is poisonous so you need to get rid of it ASAP. If you have a water conditioner such as Prime, you can change part of the water tonight. That's what I would do.

    Take out about half of the water, condition some new water with Prime (or another conditioner but Prime is best IMO). Try to match the temperature of the new water as close to your tank's water. Then add it.

    Then I would repeat the process tonight, again changing out half the water. These back-to-back partial water changes are needed because there is ammonia and a high level of nitrates.

    Hope this helps some for now. Keep us posted!

    EDIT: Not to worry, you won't get in trouble for talking about nitrates!! Lucy the moderator just wants to get you the answers you need in one place. We're here to help.
  9. MikeS29 Valued Member Member

    I'll risk getting in trouble: If you think you can just talk about the Platys dying without addressing water quality (as if the two are unrelated), you would be barking up the wrong tree. Water changes are your friend.
  10. dcfar82 New Member Member

    High Nitrate level, need to be 40 an below.
  11. WaterSpirit Valued Member Member

    Nitrates and ammonia are both the problem i think. Plus your pH will probably be a little high considering your ammonia is .25 ppm. This can be fixed by doing a simple water change or two. Like 25% WC today and then maybe another WC right after or the next day. You definitely need to get the nitrates down to at least 20 ppm (what I've seen to be the recommended level) and the ammonia 0 ppm. That way, if they are preggers (i hope they are) they and their babies will have an easier time. Feed them less too; they seem to be constipated. Instead of feeding them their regular food, try feeding them a blanched pea and that will push out whatever could be blocking their digestive tract. Good luck!
  12. fishynoob Well Known Member Member

    If the female that is not really interested in food is heavily pregnant she may be close to giving birth mine show this behaviour usually right before I start seeing baby fish everywhere!
  13. insanedreams77 Valued Member Member

    I just got some blue platys and they are very cool. I would do water changes every day like everyone is saying. I do every day water changes anyways cuz I don't have the water testing stuff. But everyone is happy with in the tank.
  14. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

  15. red020804 Valued Member Member

    Well I had my water tested at the LFS. They say my nitrates are in the safe zone. I guess my test kit is expired. I've had it for 3 years lol. The only problem they say I have is my ph is high. They didn't give me the number.

    As far as the platies I showed them some videos I took of the strange behavior of bouncing off the tubes. He said it could be velvet. Just keep an eye on it. He also said both females looked pregnant to him.
    I was looking at both females today with a flashlight on them and saw one white dot on her tail. Also she has two spots on her that look transparent one on her side near her analfin and the other on top of her head. I called two different LFS and asked opinions and they both suggested treating for ich so I did my first dose today. I hope I'm not screwing things up in there. O I also did remove the carbon before treating.
  16. Donnerjay Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for the update. When were you able to change the water? How did the fish respond?
  17. red020804 Valued Member Member

    I am doing a water change tomorrow. My last water change was the Saturday after thanksgiving. The female that was laying around was more active after treating the tank. All three platies werent rubbing on things as much. The smaller females feces is turning brown which is good. The other one is still not pooping or eating really. I can see the fry eyes in the small female. I can see what looks like clear eggs in the big female but no fry eyes. But she looks like she is gonna bust.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2012