help i need help now with my filter

  1. atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    ok my filter is a marineland penguin bio-wheel 200 and about once a month i take the filter tube and impeller out to clean it and i just did it today and when i put it back in and started it up again it make a clicking noise and wouldnt start sucking up water and all it did was click clikc crack click anybody know what the problem is if so please tell me so i dont waste any money on replacement parts or a new filter as i am going out to get some in just a few minutes please help need anymore info please tell me the filter is about 5 months old
  2. fish_r_friend Well Known Member Member

    try pushing the intake tube down that worked when my power filter did that
  3. atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    i took it to my favorite lfs and the GM looked at it and said i didnt put it back together properly and got it working for me i dont know how this happened because i have taken it apart before and cleaned it and it has worked properly but anyways it works thanks for trying to help
  4. fish_r_friend Well Known Member Member

    your welcome