Help! I don't know why my sucker mouth cats are dying.

I have a 29 gallon with 6 cherry barbs, 1 german blue ram, 3 Super Red BN plecos.
The bristlenoses are small and they were quarantined before I added them for two weeks. They were active in quarantine and they all seemed like they were eating. One of them was a little less active, but not by much so I wasn't worried about it. Water parameters in the quarantine and the main 29 gallon are kept at around the same ph (between 7.6-8) and ammonia nitrite = 0 nitrate = ~15-20 ppm. I originally had 4 BNs and they were tiny when I got them, but seemed to grow pretty fast as I would give them lots of food and gravel vac often. The fourth one died soon after being added to the bigger tank even though the water parameters were very similar and the temperatures were the same. Did I do something wrong? Was he sick? I'm worried about my other three now. I did notice that one of the remaining three looks like he has a nipped tail fin and I'm monitoring him closely, but it could be possible that he hurt himself on some of the driftwood in the tank. I'm going to take out the ram soon (probably today) as he was supposed to be a female for my other larger ram and he ended up being a male instead. I'm concerned, please help. I had a couple otocinclus that died on my not long after picking them up so I decided to switch to plecos as I read that they were hardier and tended to be tank bred more often. Now I'm wondering if my tank has some bacterial issue that is kill all my suckermouth cats. None of my other fish seem to have any issues and seem to all be thriving which is why I'm categorizing this as a suckermouth cat issue.

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